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Preseason Week 1 vs Colts


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For those who may not be in the Buffalo area such as myself I am going to be unable to watch tonights game as it cost $100 for preseason which is ridiculous. So i was hoping for those locally to put the input on the game and point out something special players did so we have an idea of what is going on outside of random highlights that will be posted by media after the game.

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1st down:
Ford gets beat outside but Allen throws downfield to Sweeney. Just outside his grip but DPI.

1st down:
Complete to Beasley for 7. But Holding on Spain.

1st down: 
Allen has time and goes deep to Zay Jones who is open. Over throws.

2nd down and 6.
Complete to Beasley. Gain of 14.

3rd down and 6:
Allen scrambles left for a 1st.

1st Down:
Complete to Gore for 4.

2nd down and 6:
Allen scrambles right and throws it away.

3rd and 6:
Incomplete. Zay Jones open and Allen throws it down and away. 

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2nd drive:

1st down:
Bills run the ball right, pull Spain and pick up 5.

2nd and 5:
Singletary gets swallowed up at the line. 

3rd and 5:
Complete to Zay Jones for 8.

1st down:
Back shoulder throw attempt to Brown. Ball lands out of bounds. 

2nd and 10:
Wide open Zay Jones on a corner route. 23 yard gain. Perfect pass.

1st down:
Hand-off to Gore. Gain of 2.

2nd and 8: 
Completion to Brown on the Hook for a first down.

1st down:
Tight pass over the middle to Zay Jones. Right on target and Zay drops it. Takes a hit after.

2nd down:
Allen on PA fake takes an 11 yard sack. 

3rd and 21:
Allen draws the D offside.
3rd and 16:
Complete to Roberts for a gain of 8. 

Bills miss field goal. (34 yard attempt)

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Jay Skurski


Second-team defense: 
DE-Mike Love, Darryl Johnson.
DT-Ed Oliver, Jordan Phillips.
LB-Julian Stanford, Corey Thompson.
DB-Kevin Johnson, Dean Marlowe, Siran Neal, Lafayette Pitts, Kurt Coleman.

Joe Buscaglia


Jordan Phillips is in at 1TDT next to Ed Oliver at 3TDT. Interesting that it is not Harrison Phillips. #Bills


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