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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Fick got the Axe back


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3 minutes ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

I would hope this is one of the areas that the coaches adapt and incorporate more TE play. We have too much tradition and recruiting base there not to utilize it.

I don't think they're going to not incorporate it. They went after Ashcraft almost immediately after the hires so I wouldn't be shocked if it's just something that Longo's never had real resources to exploit. LIS, I think JT Seagraves is going to be a stud for us so I'd imagine that we'll use TEs. We just won't use them anywhere near as much as we did prior.

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Apparently Evers and Mordecai are really good friends so it makes a ton of sense why he was the guy we went after. Gives Evers a full year in the system and the guy in front of him is someone he's close with. Great move by Fickell and Longo pulling this one off.

2023 - Mordecai
2024 & 2025 - Evers
2026 & 2027 - Mettauer

If everything goes right, obviously.

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11 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Both on their 6th season, so yes I believe.

McNamara has all the 6th year guys as counting towards scholarships on his breakdown. I mean, there's still technically receiving a scholarship but they shouldn't count towards the 85 man total.

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23 hours ago, Packerraymond said:

Nothing connecting us yet, but I'm pretty sure this is Nick Evers HS teammate.

CJ Williams also in the portal from USC and he's apparently really good friends with Nick Evers. 


Wouldn't expect much to come of it tho.

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