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Pick a Blue.


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What is Cowboy Blue?

When the Cowboys moved into AT&T Stadium, the playing field was shaded in Dark Blue. Now it has been changed to Royal Blue. I guess it looks better on TV.

Tradition is great and all, but its time for the Dallas Cowboys to pick a blue.

Blueish pants that turn a tint of green when they get wet. Royal Blue with their white jerseys. Dark Blue with their away uniforms.

Oh, and don't get me started on the color rush uniforms......... wait those are AWESOME!!!!

Dark Blue is tougher. Royal Blue is prettier.

Just pick a blue Cowboys! Cowboy Blue! 



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2 hours ago, resilient part 2 said:


What do you mean What?

The "Road" uniforms are perfect - The dark Navy blue looks awesome

The "Home" Whites are atrocious. Helmet - Silver/Navy Blue, Pants - Greenish Gray thats different from the Road pants and the Helmet. Royal Blue numbers on the Jersey that is different from the Navy Blue that is in the star on the helmets. Home Jerseys are just a gross mismatch


Navy Blue and Silver - Get rid of the Greenish pants and the Royal Blue numbers

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It is kinda interesting the different colors if my memory serves me correct the oddly home colored pants are due to picking a color that looked good on TV at the time and well even though quality of TV has improved the pants are like grandfathered in sorta speak.   I like the road uni’s they look good but hate it when teams yes u Jets wear their road jersey at home to make us wear blue.   I do believe in then curse.  

Frankly I don’t really notice that much the fact that we do indeed have three different blue colors though the one with white pants shouldn’t count being a retro 

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