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Devils Stuff and Things Vol 2


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We have another couple weeks of good info, so lets do this again


1.LSU 9-0
2.Ohio State 9-0
3.Clemson 10-0
4.Minnesota 9-0
5.Georgia 8-1
6.Alabama 8-1
7.Oregon 8-1
8.Utah 8-1
9.Penn State 8-1
10.Florida 8-2
11.Auburn 7-2
12.Oklahoma 8-1
13.Baylor 9-0
14.Michigan 7-2
15.Wisconsin 7-2
16.Notre Dame 7-2
17.Memphis 8-1
18.Cincinnati 8-1
19.Boise State 8-1
20.Oklahoma State 6-3
21.SMU 9-1
22.Kansas State 6-3
23.Iowa 6-3
24.Navy 7-1
25.Indiana 7-2

Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech


Peach-1.LSU vs 4.Minnesota
Fiesta-2.Ohio State vs 3.Clemson

Rose-7.Oregon vs 9.Penn State
Sugar-13.Baylor vs 5.Georgia
Orange-Wake Forest vs 6.Alabama
Cotton-17.Memphis vs 8.Utah


Joe Burrow||QB||LSU
33/4 TD/INT, 78.9%, 3198 yards, 189 rush, 3 TD
Jalen Hurts||QB||Oklahoma
24/4 TD/INT, 73.3%, 2742 yards, 869 rush, 15 TD
Tua Tagovailoa||QB||Alabama
31/3 TD/INT, 70.9%, 2584 yards, 25 rush, 2 TD

Justin Fields||QB||Ohio State
27/1 TD/INT, 68.2%, 1859 yards, 347 rush, 10 TD
Travis Etienne||RB||Clemson
1214 yards, 8.86 avg, 15 total TDs
Chase Young||DE||Ohio State
29 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 15.5 for loss, 5 FF
JK Dobbins||RB||Ohio State
1200 yards, 7.23 avg, 13 total TDs
Chuba Hubbard||RB||Oklahoma State
1604 yards, 6.80 avg, 18 TD
Jonathan Taylor||RB||Wisconsin
1259 yards, 6.05 avg, 19 total TDs
Justin Herbert||QB||Oregon
24/2 TD/INT, 69.4%, 2329 yards, 4 yards, 1 TD



12-0 LSU
12-0 Ohio State
12-0 Clemson
11-1 Alabama
11-1 Georgia
11-1 Oregon
11-1 Oklahoma
11-1 Utah
11-1 Minnesota
10-2 Notre Dame
10-2 Penn State
11-1 Baylor
11-1 Memphis
09-3 Florida
09-3 Michigan
11-1 Boise State
09-3 Iowa
09-3 Kansas State
09-3 Wisconsin
10-2 Cincinnati
08-4 Auburn
09-3 Virginia
11-1 Appalachian State
09-2 Navy
10-2 SMU


13-0 LSU
13-0 Ohio State
13-0 Clemson
12-1 Oregon
11-1 Alabama
12-1 Oklahoma
11-2 Georgia
10-2 Notre Dame
10-2 Penn State
11-2 Utah
11-2 Minnesota
12-1 Boise State
11-2 Cincinnati
09-3 Florida
09-3 Michigan
11-2 Baylor
11-2 Memphis
09-3 Iowa
09-3 Kansas State
09-3 Wisconsin
08-4 Auburn
12-1 Appalachian State
10-2 Navy
10-2 SMU
09-3 Wake Forest


Peach-1.LSU(13-0) vs 4.Oregon(12-1)
Fiesta-2.Ohio State(13-0) vs 3.Clemson(13-0)

Rose-Penn State(10-2) vs Utah(11-2)
Sugar-Oklahoma(12-1) vs Alabama(11-1)
Orange-Wake Forest(9-3) vs Notre Dame(10-2)
Cotton-Boise State(12-1) vs Georgia(11-2)

-The three undefeated teams win their championship games, and the only one that was close was the LSU/Georgia game. #6 Oregon defeats #8 Utah in the Pac 12 championship game, and #7 Oklahoma once again dominates #12 Baylor. #4 Alabama is off, but I see the committee praising Oregon for a resume defining win against another top 10 team, and putting the conference champion in the playoff in Atlanta against LSU.

Penn State is ranked higher than Minnesota, so I have them in the Rose Bowl against the Pac 12 runner up Utah. The Big 12 Champion gets SEC rep #5 Alabama. Wake Forest sneaks into the rankings at #25 and by being the only ACC team left with three losses or less, they get the Orange Bowl berth. #8 Notre Dame gets in against them as the SEC/Big10/ND rep, and that leaves the Group of 5 Champ Boise State against the highest ranked team left, #7 Georgia in Dallas.


Bahamas-Western Michigan(7-5) vs UAB(9-3)
Frisco-Western Kentucky(7-5) vs Ohio(6-6)
New Mexico-Wyoming(9-3) vs Marshall(9-4)
Cure-Georgia Southern(7-5) vs Tulane(6-6)
Boca Raton-Toledo(10-3) vs Central Florida(9-3)

-MAC Champ Toledo against Central Florida in Boca Raton is the most intriguing matchup here. Tulane coach Willie Fritz would face his old team Georgia Southern in the Cure Bowl, and we have Conference USA runner up Marshall against a good Mountain West team in Wyoming.

Camellia-Georgia State(7-5) vs Buffalo(7-5)
Las Vegas-San Diego State(9-4) vs California(6-6)
New Orleans-Louisiana Tech(11-2) vs Appalachian State(12-1)
Gasparilla-Temple(8-4) vs Southern Miss(8-4)
Hawaii-BYU(8-4) vs Memphis(11-2)

-Conference USA Champ faces the Sun Belt Champ Appalachian State in New Orleans. With their wins against North Carolina and South Carolina, App State will be playing the what if card, if they would have beaten their rival Georgia Southern earlier in the season, they would have been the Cotton Bowl selection. Memphis loses in the American Championship and gets BYU in Hawaii as a consolation prize. As Mountain West runner up, San Diego State receives the Las Vegas Bowl invitation against Cal.

Independence-SMU(10-2) vs Duke(6-6)
Quick Lane-Michigan State(6-6) vs Central Michigan(6-6)
Military-Navy(10-2) vs Florida State(6-6)
Pinstripe-Pittsburgh(7-5) vs Illinois(7-5)
Texas-Texas A&M(7-5) vs Oklahoma State(8-4)

-With 10 wins, SMU has their best season in thirty years, and they get the last ACC rep in Duke in Shreveport as their prize. A surprising Illinois gets the Yankee Stadium berth against a descent Pittsburgh team. There is no ACC team available for the Quick Lane bowl, so as the secondary option, Central Michigan gets to represent the MAC at an almost home game.

Holiday-Wisconsin(9-3) vs Arizona State(7-5)
Cheez It-Iowa State(7-5) vs UCLA(6-6)
Camping World-Virginia(9-4) vs Kansas State(9-3)
First Responder-TCU(6-6) vs Florida Atlantic(9-3)
Music City-Virginia Tech(8-4) vs Kentucky(7-5)

-Because the Pac 12 is top heavy this year, Wisconsin gets a disappointing opponent in Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl. A much better UCLA team sneaks into the Cheez-It Bowl against Iowa State, and the ACC Championship game loser, Virginia, gets the bid to the Camping World Bowl in Orlando.

Redbox-USC(7-5) vs Indiana(8-4)
Alamo-Baylor(11-2) vs Washington(8-4)
Belk-North Carolina(7-5) vs Mississippi State(6-6)
Sun-Washington State(6-6) vs Louisville(7-5)
Liberty-Texas(7-5) vs Tennessee(6-6)

-Tennessee is much better the past month, so they will get bowl eligibility and head to West Tennessee to face a huge name in Texas. This bowl could be must see tv. The Belk Bowl stays close to home and gets North Carolina to bring a crowd against a SEC West foe in Mississippi State. Big 12 runner up Baylor gets the Pac 12's third best team in four loss Washington.

Arizona-Air Force(9-3) vs Arkansas State(8-4)
Citrus-Minnesota(11-2) vs Florida(9-3)
Outback-Auburn(8-4) vs Michigan(9-3)
Birmingham-Cincinnati(11-2) vs Miami(7-5)

-Cincinnati gets revenge on Memphis, and wins the American Championship. They are barely edged out by Boise State for the Cotton Bowl, so they get to head to Birmingham, Alabama for a matchup with a seven win Miami team from the ACC. Minnesota/Florida will be a top 15 matchup, and Michigan/Auburn will be a top 25 matchup.

Gator-Iowa(9-3) vs Missouri(8-4)
Idaho Potato-Nevada(7-5) vs Ball State(7-5)
Armed Forces-Hawaii(8-5) vs Eastern Michigan(6-6)
Mobile Alabama-Lafayette(10-3) vs Miami OH(8-5)

-The Gator Bowl will get a surprisingly good matchup with a ranked Iowa team going up against a Missouri team that finished the year strong with a win against Florida. Louisiana Lafayette is the runner up in the Sun Belt and gets fellow championship game loser Miami, Ohio in the Mobile Alabama Bowl.

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Another great read, thanks for taking the time to figure this out and write it down.  

I could see things easily falling this way.  Obviously as a fan, I'd love to see Georgia get back to the playoffs but I don't see it.  

Navy/FSU is as good a matchup as any for the Military Bowl.  I'd prefer a closer team than FSU for work purposes, but I think they have enough national fans in the DC/Baltimore area who will show up.  

There are definitely some more interesting matchups that you have as well.  

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Don't see the committee taking a one-loss Oregon over a one-loss Alabama.  Really, the only thing Oregon is going to have going on for them is their win over Auburn and a potential win over Utah, but Pac-12 is mediocre aside from Oregon and Utah.  Alabama's lone loss was against LSU, and they'll have the ability to match Oregon's win over Auburn with their own.

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15 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

Don't see the committee taking a one-loss Oregon over a one-loss Alabama.  Really, the only thing Oregon is going to have going on for them is their win over Auburn and a potential win over Utah, but Pac-12 is mediocre aside from Oregon and Utah.  Alabama's lone loss was against LSU, and they'll have the ability to match Oregon's win over Auburn with their own.

Oregon did not beat Auburn (though they should have).

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