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Falcons TE Austin Hooper out "about a month" with MCL sprain


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1 hour ago, HTTRDynasty said:

Easily?  You guys are only $10mm under the cap right now and you only have 50 players signed.

And cutting Sambrailo, Freeman, restructuring Julio, Matthews and Deion Jones, would open up another 20-25M. So yes. Easily.

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16 hours ago, HTTRDynasty said:

I guess, if you want to be in even more cap hell in the future... be my guest.

You mean when there's a new CBA and a cap increase of nearly 20-25M that first year because of the new gambling money? Sit this one out.

12 hours ago, G08 said:

I don't know if they have the $$$ do they?

They have no problems with money. All of the "cap hell" thoughts are a bit of a joke. The Saints have been in cap hell for a decade and somehow they still go out and sign big FAs and keep their own good ones.

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39 minutes ago, scar988 said:

Acting like I don't understand the cap is foolish. The cap is a game. Not this hard and fast rule. It's very easy to fit players under the cap year to year.

Acting like it wasn't a possibility Hooper would be gone and telling me to "sit this one out" seems even more foolish in hindsight.

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