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Playoffs/Wild Card Round! Texans v Bills GDT


Texans v Bills  

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26 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

it doesnt..o'brien dont adjust the offense when fuller misses games. Texans average 7 less PPG when Fuller doesnt play.  Texans fans hope is that Kenny Stills has a big game to take pressure off Hopkins.  

Kenny Stills is a better player too (atleast imo.) Can't believe we're not utilizing him that well, he's been pretty good in the clutch this season, the only thing Fuller has on him is speed. We're a team that relies so much on long developing routes that we need a speedster like that, BoB is unable to gameplan when Fuller is out cause its like throwing away his playbook.

And BoB-apologists want to pretend like BoB is positively developing Watson.

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2 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Someone explain to me how Another team was able to make Kevin Johnson a good CB? That should be all the proof we need to fire someone. 

Kevin Johnson has been a very solid corner for us. Levi Wallace is the starter. But Levi struggled in a couple games and Kevin Johnson came in and played really well. Its like we have to quality starters at that Corner spot. Johnson finally showing why he was drafted that high.

And to be fair Browns fans hated Poyer to and he comes here and breaks out... McDermott is a DB guru

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3 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Someone explain to me how Another team was able to make Kevin Johnson a good CB? That should be all the proof we need to fire someone. 

Same thing with Kareem, except we actually were able to get Kareem at a good level. Didn't play him in his true position despite him insisting. Also Kevin was just as solid in 2017 for us as he is for them right now, the difference being their entire defense clicks together, ours never feels complete.

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58 minutes ago, marshawn lynch said:

McDermott is a DB guru

To hell with that, McDermott must be practicing some dark arts or sorcery over there.  In Houston, a stiff breeze would knock KJ out a month.  I don't know if it's anatomy with that goofy long neck or whatever is going on inside that weirdly small head of his, but I've never seen a player this side of Merton Hanks who just didn't seem designed to play football with a helmet on (I still don't know what he attaches his chin strap to - adams apple maybe?).  I figured he was finally done after landing on his head with a ridiculous tackle in the preseason where somehow he drove his own head into the NRG concussive turf (same turf that took out our entire TE room in week 1 the season before). Then sure enough he concussed himself Week 1 tackling Cordarrelle Patterson and I was convinced we would see that guy die on a football field if he played again.  Glad to see he's upright and doing well again, but McDermott better be out there mixing in some of that Nell Carter Dorita voodoo dust (70's Chevy Chase movie reference kiddos) alongside those rubber pellets in the NRG turf to keep KJ amongst the living this week.  

I think we should all just be thankful that we don't have to see the Will Fuller / Kevin Johnson matchup as I'm pretty sure Fuller would have just pulled up lame on his first route with a hamgroin injury (yes his are just one long strand that wraps around) and the strain of helping him to his feet would have concussed KJ's neckhead. Watching KeKe Coutee skitter around routes like a cat chasing a laser is far more entertaining and nobody gets hurt (well aside from Watson's TD:Int ratio).   

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