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Best Games of the Decade


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Yep, we need a feel good topic round here (after the heart breaking experience of having to play a WC game....), so thinking caps on, let's take a little trip. Been an awesome decade for us, mostly.



Hons; NYG 2015, AFC CG vs Jags 2017, AFC CG vs Colts 2014, 2017 Texans.



10. The Cleveland Comeback (2013)

This one always gets forgotten. We were down by 12 with 2.5 mins left. Brady led an 11 yard play for a Jules TD then we needed the onside kick which we f'k  got it! 26-27


9. Jesse James Catch (2017)

Another awesome late performance, Gronk absolutely toasting their D, Brady saying to him 'it isn't over' then the non-catch and pick at the end. Perfect :)


8. Last drive TD vs Saints (2013)

Working with scrubs didn't matter to Tom. Classic engineering of a clutch drive to win a game late


7.  AFC Championship game at Chiefs (2018)

Still can't believe we converted three 3rd and 10s in arrowhead


6. We're on to Cincinnati (2014)

I see the rage in Tom's eyes on this one. Knifing through their defense after the world proclaimed he was done. This week launched that SB season.


5. The Comeback vs Manning (2013)

Probably lower on your lists, but this one got me good. I was 99.9% sure we were losing to Manning at home and the crows were circling. What a comeback 


4. Superbowl LIII 

Shutting down that Rams offense like that....I didn't think it could be done.


3. Ravens Divisional Game (2014)

Coming back from two 14 point deficits, that Edelman/Dola play, this game typifies what the Patriots have been under BB - we're under the skin, we're never dead. Arguably the best game played at Fox


2. Superbowl XLIX 



1. Superbowl LI 



What's your?

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Would be interesting to compile a list of the best games that resulted in a loss or tie for the Patriots, too.


Edit: The Philly game comes to mind, as well as the second Giants SB.

To me, even though it was a win, the Rams game last February was a weird, boring game overall until the Pats connected on the Gronk play and it would have been cool if it was a TD.

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2019: This season feels very much like 2015

2018: Chiefs regular season, Dolphins loss, Chiefs AFC championship

2017: Texans, Eagles Super Bowl loss

2016: Seahawks loss, Falcons Super Bowl

2015: Broncos overtime loss

2014: Jets win week 7, Ravens AFC championship, Seahawks Super Bowl

2013: Bills, Saints, Jets overtime loss, Panthers loss, Broncos overtime, Texans, Browns

2012: Ravens loss, Seahawks loss, Jets overtime, 49ers loss

2011: Bills loss, Cowboys, Giants loss, Redskins, Ravens, Giants Super Bowl loss

2010: Ravens overtime, Packers

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