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LSU - Clemson GDT ( draft wach)


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Burrows is sick. The throws he made tonight were spectacular. He is worth whatever you give up for him. I support any trade scenario that bring burrow to the Raiders. This year I have watched him destroy top defenses with 1st rounders on defense all over the field, and he just can't be stopped. His anticipation and accuracy are stunning.

Bengals would you like my first born? 'Cause he's amazing.

Number #8 AJ Terrell lost a lot of money tonight. Isaiah Simmons was still great, but couldn't really impact the game. ETN looked awesome. That three name back for LSU is a good looking little player. Chaisson was nice. WR Chase is great! I want him. Fulton and Higgins were solid but not spectacular. Trevor had the worst game of his college career, but Clemson was letting the LSU line win and get pressure. #45 for LSU brought some heat. #6 LSU was mediocre. #24 CB LSU looks amazing. #8 LSU was good. The Clemson dude who was ejected is a stud. Justin Jefferson was alright. He isn't a game changer, but he is solid.

Overall, Clemson receivers didn't get open, and the line didn't do a good enough job with protection. It seemed like the LSU pass rushers were getting awesome jumps on the snap so that might be on TL. TL was not accurate tonight and didn't seem comfortable.

LSU's offense was pretty much unstoppable. Too many weapons and Burrow was awesome. Great decisions, super accurate short, intermediate, and especially deep. He is sooo good. He received good protecting unless Clemson brought the house. 

Super fun game to watch.

Clemson will win the national championship next year. TL is back and this was not representative of what he is as a QB. He lost his first game in college and will refocus and improve because of it. 

Burrow greatest gift to me is the anticipation on his throws. Players always said Montana threw an easy ball to catch because he threw with anticipation and didn't have to rifle the ball. You saw TL trying to smoke the ball and becoming inaccurate while Burrow just put in the right spot on time. He is a beautiful QB to watch.

Sell the farm to get Burrow. He is the real deal.

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Ill give them  our two firsts all our thirds and next years 1st and send them Carr and basket of muffins. No Problem.

We can use all the money we save on Carr to repair the defense and get Cooper back in FA so Burrow can make him a superstar LOL. Give Burrow our offensive line, Waller, Jacobs, Cooper, Renfrow, and williams and we will be very happy. Take that extra money we save on Carr and get armstead, littleton, leonard floyd, and byron jones. 

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