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My Mock and FA


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I usually don't do this but I will tell you guys what I think will happen. 

FA sign

A. Cooper WR - I think he is all but gone from Dallas no way they keep all these guys and Cooper gets a nice bump in pay to play for the Jets.

Brain Pool CB - I think he resigns with us at a good deal

Jimmy Smith CB - Ya he is old but can still be average on the outside and signs good deal too.

Connor McGovern C - He is our center for the next 3-5 years

Damon Harrison DT - He comes back to the jets at a cheap deal and loves being a jet

Brady Roby CB - He and Smith on the outside with Pool in the slot make for a great CB combo


Jets trade their rd 6 pick 191 to Cinn for Cody Glenn. He will be our new LT. Cinn will take anything for him.


Rd 1 pick 11  

The jets can do a lot here but there is a QB that drops to pick 11 and that is Tua. Love gets picked before him. Raiders are scared that another team will trade with us so they make the trade Raiders give up pick 12 and 19 for the Jets pick 11 and 2nd round pick 48. 

Pick 12 the Jets select A.J E. Iowa Edge

Pick 19 Andrew Thomas.  LT/RT    He takes a hit with surprise at the top as usual 

Pick 68 Cushenberry  OG/C He can play G or center 

pick 79 Uche Edge We get another edge because we really have zero on the team

pick 120 K.J Hill WR He gives Sam another target

pick 159 A.J Dillion RB He is the power back that we have needed for awhile.


Okay boys what do you think

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This...is uh optimistic to say the least. Raiders aren’t trading both 1st rounders to move up 1spot and get an extra 2nd. We aren’t going to throw big money at Amari and Epenesa would be a horrible fit with us and there’s no point I. Bringing in Snacks, he’s fallen off and isn’t as good as Foley at this stage of his career.

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You forgot the part where we trade down again to 13 for another 1st. 

In all seriousness the only guys I'd want at 12 are OLineman or wideouts. Not just for need, the top few guys there have some crazy potential. If it were Jeudy, Lamb, almost any top 3 lineman, or even Ruggs, and I'd be on board. 

Furthermore,  AJ Dillon is going early. With his size, experience,  and athleticism, he may wind up being one of the top RBs taken. Possibly the 2nd round, especially with the comparisons to Henry. 

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