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New CBA approved


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ESPN's Adam Schefter reports NFL players have voted to approve the new CBA.

The voting was close — just 51.5 percent were in favor of it. After some pushback, this is viewed as a win for the players, who get increased revenue share and added benefits. Players will no longer be subject to substance-abuse suspensions, potentially paving the way for the returns of Randy Gregory, Aldon Smith, and Josh Gordon, among others. The NFL could switch to a 17-game regular season as soon as 2021, with a three-game preseason and seven-team playoffs. With the CBA passed, teams can now focus on locking up their players before the start of free agency, though it's still possible the start of the new league year will be moved back.

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I wonder how a three game preseason changes snap counts for starters. 

Is it gonna be like a quarter week one, a half week two, week three off?

Nobody really watches week four right now. And BA gets guys at least 100 snaps in practice as it is. So I can't imagine it'll really hurt us that much.

Hopefully they push back bye weeks by a week or two. We always seem to get an early one. Or none, like a few years ago.

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When the NFL officially launches a 17 game regular season, that means 16 teams will play 9 home and 8 away and the other 16 do the opposite in a given year then flip flop the next.

The most logical way to do that to be as “fair” and balanced as possible would be to make the 16 team split by conference.

Example- NFC has 9 home and 8 away and AFC has 8 home and 9 away in 2021 and then the opposite in 2022. 

This way teams in a division and conference have the same advantage or disadvantage each year on the way to a Super Bowl and by the time the Super Bowl is played, the extra home game given to one conference that year will be inconsequential. 

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Amazing they won't be suspended for positive marijuana tests now. I was hesitant about Jordan Love because of that. But now I'm back on the wagon for him or Herbert. 

Aside from that though, I think it will be great for the NFL as a whole. Just don't abuse it and become lazy potheads! 

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