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What Bowler would do mock


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This mock draft is how I'd do it if I could.  IIRC we have 6 picks.  No 4th, traded to Minny for a pass rusher who's mostly been inactive.  Our original 7th to LV for Pinero.  I'm giving us Miami's 6th for Shaheen since he signed a 2 year extension.  I see us picking 16.  2nd round pick(48) traded back to 2(53) and 4th rounder


1 OT Sam Cosmi  Leno and Massie are ok, but both OT positions need to be upgraded

2  QB Zach Wilson  Trubisky is gone, Foles can't get it done unless he's in Philly, we need a QB of the future

3 RB  C.J. Verdell  Montgomery is just ok.  Part is the line, but after 2 years, he's better suited with help.  Next year, we'll have a 3 headed monster at RB

4 OT  Stone Forsythe Our o-line sucks

5 S Kolby Harvell-Peel  Gipson is fine, but we need another guy to help out our DBs

6 DE Khyiris Tonga no such thing as too many pass rushers

6 OLB  Wyatt Hubert  another rotational pass rusher

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