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Week 13 - GDT - Saints (9-2) @ Falcons (4-7)

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Week 13 takes us into the Dirty Bird's nest.

The Falcons are coming off a major beat down of the Vegas Raiders on the Raider's turf. It wasn't even a contest. Needless to say, their confidence will be through the roof. Fortunately there's a hole in it.

As for the Saints, coming off a weird game... likely the weirdest of our lifetime. 

The Saints don't fare so well when playing a team we beat 2 weeks prior. The combination of circumstances has me uneasy about this game.

I assume we'll see Taysom Hill at QB. I did see that Drew Brees traveled with the team and was going through his pregame ritual, and is eligible to play next week, although I hope he doesn't yet.

If there's ever been a setup for a loss, this game is it. That said, if we can make Maddy Ice as dirty as we did 2 weeks ago, I think we can win this one, something like a 17-19 final, but not a blowout from either team.

Chime in, and LET'S GO SAINTS!!!

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19 minutes ago, Mid Iowa said:

If there's ever been a setup for a loss, this game is it.

Yeah... I don't think we can beat the team that played the Raiders last week, not in this current injured state. If they show up again it'll be a long day for us. Fortunately that was last week and the Falcons are a bizarre hot/cold team. No telling which of their squads shows up - the last place defense or the guys who held one of the best offenses in the league to only 6 points in their house. 

For us, this is probably mostly on the defense. If we keep them under 30 we have a chance. If not, well... it's gonna be a long day. 😅

Let's go low scores!! One more W to keep us in the 1-seed.

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Wouldn't be surprised to lose this one.  Falcons look like they're starting their annual streak of not being garbage anymore.  We're gonna need Taysom to play a lot better than he did last week, I don't see our defenses holding them to 9 points again, especially with a few injuries.

We don't need to start a losing streak, Bucs have a cake schedule and might win out.

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