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Thought I’d do a mock with a different approach to team building.

GM: Thomas Dimitroff - Has experience building successful teams in the past and has a tendency to be aggressive and think outside the box.

HC: Joe Brady - We hire him about a year earlier as opposed to a year late and miss out.  We give him the keys to build an offensive juggernaut and we will fix the D over time. “Just do what you do and we will figure out the rest.”  As long as he provides what we brought him in for we should be fine.

DC: Dan Quinn - Quinn runs a somewhat simple Defense and it should allow our players to play faster and freer.  Should allow us to get the D going faster.  He also comes with head coaching experience to help Brady.  He obviously coached under Dimitroff so it should be easier to find the players he needs.

OC: Matt Lombardi: Brady will be the playcaller but Lombardi brings familiarity and a young up in comer to help with the Offense.  


Kenny Golladay - Can’t come to terms with Kenny G on a long term deal.  He’ll hit FA next year and probably net us a 3rd Comp in the following draft at worse.


Matt Nelson - Can do a lot worse for your 3rd string OT.  Tender him on the cheap.  Continue to develop.


2021 4th to Cleveland: David Njoku - Missed/under used in Cleveland.  Gives us another weapon at TE.  Allows us to run a lot of 12 personal or rotate him and Hock out to keep them fresh.


Jack Fox - No brainer.  We need a special teams weapon for this new team approach and Fox brings that.

Sheldon Rankins - This is our big FA signing.  We are going to make a bunch of cuts on the Defensive Side of the ball to clear cap space.  Gives us the room to sign him.  Gives us a DT that can create some pressure from the interior.  Comes at a slight discount as he’s had injuries the past two years.

John Ross - Speed.  Pure speed and gives us a dynamic element we are missing.  Obviously injuries are a concern but we sign him to a one year prove it deal.  He should split time in the slot with Cepheus.



1: Ja’Marr Chase WR LSU- Best WR in the draft.  Pure Alpha.  Chase and Golladay pair to give us two number ones.  Instant starter and star WR.  Both are able to beat single coverage and both should be able to destroy defenses.

2.: Travis Etienne RB Clemson - Another RB in the 2nd??  YES.  Etienne gives us an element we don’t have in the run game and that’s home run ability.  I like Swift but I don’t think he had single run over 20 yards all season.  Etienne completes the RB room with 3 RBs with different skill sets but all 3 can catch.  It also allows us to use different packages like 11, 12, 20, 21 personale.   IF a team doesn’t crowd the box trying to stop our WRs our RB will gouge them and possibly take it to the house.  If they crowd the box we go over over the top.

3.  Talanoa Hufanga S USC - Our Cam Chancelor player.  Walker goes back to the FS spot and Hufanga mans the SS as the enforcer we need.

4.: - Traded -

5.:  Jaelon Darden WR North Texas - Under sized slot only WR.  Has speed and quickness to provide potential future slot WR if we move on from Ross.


Offensive Depth Chart:

QB: Stafford, Blough

RB: Swift, Etienne, Johnson

WR: Golladay, Cepheus, Allison 

OT: Decker

OG: Jackson

OC: Ragnow

OG: Dahl, Big V, Stenberg

OT: Crosby, Nelson

TE: Hockenson, Njoku, James

WR: Chase, Ross, Darden


That is scary offense.  If you can’t stop ‘em, out score ‘em.


Well what do you think?  This is not what I would do but I think it’s an interesting way to build a team.

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I like the Rankins move.  Iffy on Njoku, I think a 4th is steep for a TE that has failed to meet expectations and likely will be cut this year but wouldn't mind bringing him in and cutting JJ.  

I do hate that LB and DE are ignored, and would rather spend money on someone other than Ross, especially with drafting Chase and tagging KG.  

I really don't see the need for Etienne.  I don't think he is a "special" RB and would much rather go DE or LB in the second.  I dont think RB is a hole and the reason Swift didn't break huge runs is because the play calling and run blocking, along with the injuries to KG and lack of true deep threats.  He did have a 54 yard run this year and not sure how many more he had over 20 but I think your annoyance with the offense as a whole has skewed your thoughts on Swift.  

Brady is interesting as a coach but I wouldn't hate it.  Sounds like he is getting a lot of love and people hope he is the next McVay but I don't know much about his leadership abilities.  He is super raw as a coach but I do like the fact he has had successful years as an assistant running his system and not a protégé of an elite coach. 

Overall I wouldn't be super mad but I still think we would have a bottom 5 defense which is almost impossible to win with.  

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