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NBA Fantasy Draft - Round 2 - THE DUKE vs MikeT14


Who's Team Would Win in a 7 Game Series?  

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  1. 1. Who's Team Would Win in a 7 Game Series?

    • THE DUKE
    • MikeT14

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Pick The Duke Position   Pick MikeT14 Position
1 Kawhi Leonard F   1 Damian Lillard G
2 Trae Young G   2 Karl Anthony Towns C
3 Clint Capela C   3 DeAaron Fox G
4 Julius Randle F   4 John Collins F
5 Victor Oladipo G   5 Joe Harris F
6 Harrison Barnes F   6 Dennis Schroder G
7 Patrick Beverley G   7 Danilo Gallinari F
8 Jonas Valanciunas C   8 Goran Dragic G
9 Immanuel Quickley G   9 Mitchell Robinson C
10 Rui Hachimura F   10 Dillon Brooks F
11 Bobby Portis F   11 Will Barton G
12 Devin Vassell F   12 Carmelo Anthony F



PG: Trae Young (32), Patrick Beverley (16)

SG: Victor Oladipo (28), Immanuel Quickley (14), Bev (4), Devin Vassell (2)

SF: Kawhi Leonard (34), Harrison Barnes (14)

PF: Julius Randle ( 34), Rui Hachimura (5), Bobby Portis (5), Barnes (4)

😄 Clint Capela (28), Jonas Valanciunas (20)




PG: Damian Lillard - 36 minutes

SG: De'Aaron Fox - 33 minutes

SF: Joe Harris - 30 minutes

PF: John Collins - 33 minutes

C: Karl-Anthony Towns - 35 minutes

6: Dennis Schroeder - 21 minutes

7: Danilo Gallinari - 21 minutes

8: Goran Dragic - 16 minutes

9: Mitchell Robinson - 13 minutes

10: Dillon Brooks, F (141) - 2 minutes

11: Will Barton, G (160) - 0 minutes

12: Carmelo Anthony, F (171) - 0 minutes

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I voted for my team because i'm a homer.  I also have excellent team defense with multiple guys who have been 1st or 2nd team all NBA defensive team before.  My one weak defensive link in my starting lineup is Trae Young, but I have Patrick Beverly to back him up if we need a stop who is one of the top defenders in the NBA.  Young, Kawhi, and Randle can each carry the scoring load on any given night, and I have decent mid level scorers who are both elite rebounders at the 5.  Randle even is having his best season defensively of his career so far this year.  And outside of Young, who is already a top 12 NBA scorer, most of the rest of my roster is in their prime.

Edited by THE DUKE
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