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BDL 2021 Week 9 - New Orleans Jazz @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos


Who Wins?  

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    • New Orleans Jazz
    • Ivory Coast Black Rhinos

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BDL 2021 Week 9

Match:  New Orleans Jazz @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos

Away Owner:   @WFLukic

Home Owner:   @RuskieTitan

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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New Orleans


QB: Josh Allen
RB: Melvin Gordon III
WR: DeAndre Hopkins
WR: D.J. Moore
WR: Deebo Samuel
TE: Mike Gesicki
LT: Terron Armstead
LG: Joel Bitonio
OC: Connor McGovern
RG: Justin Pugh
RT: Jonah Williams

RB2: James Conner
RB3: Devin Singletary
RB4: Nyheim Hines
WR4: Cole Beasley
WR5: Zach Pascal
TE2: Jared Cook
OL6: Cam Robinson
OL7: Austin Corbett


DE: Nick Bosa
DT: Grady Jarrett
DT: Christian Wilkins
DE: Jeffery Simmons
LB: Demario Davis
LB: Jordyn Brooks
CB: Stephon Gilmore
CB: James Bradberry
CB: J.C. Jackson
SS: Adrian Amos
FS: Micah Hyde

DL5: Randy Gregory
DL6: Jadeveon Clowney
DL7: Jason Pierre-Paul
DL8: Star Lotulelei
LB3: Jamal Adams
LB4: Foyesade Oluokun
DB6: Adoree Jackson
DB7: Darnell Savage


Ivory Coast

QB- Ryan Tannehill
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Terry McLaurin
WR- Chase Claypool
WR- Robby Anderson
TE- Noah Fant
LT- Trent Williams
LG- Damien Lewis
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin
RT- Andrew Whitworth


RB- Ezekiel Elliott
RB- D’Ernest Johnson
RB- Jeremy McNichols
WR- Chester Rogers
WR- Amon-Ra St. Brown
TE- Evan Engram
OL- Josh Jones
OL- Quinn Meinerz


DE- Chase Young
NT- Teair Tart
DT- Da'Ron Payne
DE- Myles Garrett
WLB- Lavonte David
MLB- Devin White
SCB- Trevon Diggs
CB- A.J. Terrell
CB- Greg Newsome II
S- Jimmie Ward
S- Devin McCourty


DE- Darrell Taylor
DE/DT- Charles Omenihu
DT- Christian Barmore
DT- Milton Williams
LB- Patrick Queen
CB- Bradley Roby
CB- Darnay Holmes
S- Jordan Whitehead


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New Orleans Jazz


Offense (60% pass 40% run):

-        We’re going to run a standard gameplan here focusing on managing down and distance and limiting negative plays and turnovers.

-        For the most part we’re going to run 3 WR sets with Gesicki in at TE. Occasionally we’ll have 4 WR sets with Beasley coming in to the slot, and a bunch of no huddle type set ups too with Samuel at RB, Gesicki at TE and our other top WRs lining up out wide.

-        We anticipate that Ivory Coast may come out cover 2 and zone heavy. If this is the case, we’re putting Hopkins and Moore on the boundaries and are going to ensure that the safeties are drawn out to the sidelines.

-        From this we will then attack the middle of the field with Gesicki running seams and Samuel on crossers/slants.

-        As in previous weeks, Samuel and Moore will also be used together frequently on the same side of the field setting picks for one another if Ivory Coast decide to go many heavy.

-        We can also see Ivory coast planning to flush Allen out to the left because apparently that is his weaker side (like literally every right-handed QB who has ever lived). For this reason, Gordon or the RB will generally line up to Allen’s left and if Ivory Coast make a point of flushing Allen to the left, we’ll organise audibles at the line into option pitch plays to the RB on the left.

-        For the first time this season, we want to reward Nyheim Hines with a significant role in the passing attack. Given the pressure that Ivory Coast can bring with that defensive front, we want to incorporate a lot of Buffalo’s short passing game concepts – mainly tosses into the flats and screens for Hines to who should be able to take advantage in space if IC is in the cover 2.

-        If Hopkins or Moore end up in single coverage on Diggs, we’ll take a few deep shots. While he’s been exceptional as a ballhawk this season, he also plays a risk-reward game and we’re happy to concede a pick deep down-field if it means we might get a touchdown.

-        We won’t abandon the run and option concepts from last week, especially where Allen operates out of the gun – just so we can help prevent the effectiveness of IC’s pass-rush.

-        We’ll also weave in a few bubble screens with Beasley on the field, running a bunch formation of Samuel, Beasley and Moore – 3 guys who’s bread and butter is making defenders miss and their yard after the catch ability.


-        Usual rotation on the defensive line with no player playing more than 70% of the snaps and no player less than 30%.

-        Chubb and Elliott is as good an RB pairing as the BDL has ever seen, so our focus is going to be on stopping the Ivory Coast ground game. To do so, we’ve gone with a heavier line up featuring Simmons shifted out to left end, while Lotulelei will see a larger number of snaps on earlier downs and running situations.

-        Given Tannehill’s mediocre form and the underperformance of a few players in the passing game, we feel that being able to force Ivory Coast into tough passing situations will be the key to our success. McLaurin is obviously an incredible player, so clamping him down will give us the opportunity to make things uncomfortable for Tannehill and force him to target an otherwise uninspiring bunch.

-        For this reason, we will generally rush 4 and require precise throws into tight windows to beat us.

-        While Adams starts on the bench, he will rotate with Brooks depending on down and distance – with most of his snaps coming on more obvious passing downs in which he will act as an additional pass-rusher/blitzer or drop into coverage.

-        Our coverages will be as follows:

Gilmore – Claypool
Bradberry – AJ Green (or Robbie Anderson)
J.C. Jackson – McLaurin (generally with safety help)
Davis – Fant
Brooks – Running back


-        Given we know Gilmore is capable of shutting a half of the field down, we’ve chosen to completely eliminate Claypool from the picture.

-        While McLaurin may be IC’s best receiver, J.C. Jackson is a CB able to hold up with him in one on one situations, so with additional help over the top from Amos/Savage/Hyde as the case maybe, we can largely take McLaurin out of the game or potentially create turnover opportunities as Hyde and Jackson in particular are two of the best in the league.

-        Amos will generally play closer to the LOS while Hyde is the deeper of the safeties.

-        If Ivory Coast goes heavier (e.g. 2 TE/FB sets), Adams will come in for J.C. Jackson (and Bradberry will take the McLaurin assignment).

-        In 4 WR sets, Adoree will come in for Brooks and cover the 4th WR.


Ivory Coast

vory Coast

Motivation: Beat New Orleans.

We will primarily operate out of 11 personnel for this game. Josh Jones will be 6th lineman on short yardage and first backup. We’re going to be balanced in the run and the pass, going about equal on the playcalling early on. We want to start to sprinkle in playaction passes in the second quarter and continue into the second half. We’ll attack their defense with our receiving options, trusting our offensive line to provide Tannehill the time needed to find the open man. We’ll leverage our running backs about 50-50 in pass protection to pick up blitzes / chip, and running routes, either motioning out of the backfield or coming out of the backfield. Fant will be aggressive in the middle of the field, forcing safeties to pick to help the inside or the outsides. Once we are in the second half we want to continue to wear down New Orleans and control the clock, limiting the possessions New Orleans has. The Jazz have a strong defense, but with a balanced attack and our own talents on offense, we feel that we can dictate what we want to do and have success.


Come out in a 4-2-5 expecting a 3 wide set as the primary formation from New Orleans. David and White will be our linebackers, when New Orleans has 2 receivers or fewer we will bring on Patrick Queen for MLB, sliding White to SLB, and taking Newsome II off. When we need to go into Dime (4 receivers or more), David will come off and Roby will come on as the fourth corner. We will operate with at least one safety over the top, but usually run a cover 2 shell to prevent Josh Allen from completing deep bombs. Corners will be closer to the line, not jamming but preventing quick hot reads. No specific assignments, but we will be bracketing Hopkins with the other safety in cover 1. We’ll go for a more man-under, safety help on the majority (70%) compared to pure zone (30%). We will place a heavy emphasis on forcing Josh Allen to roll to his left, where he is substantially worse than rolling to his right. As such, Garrett will be lined up primarily against the right tackle, and he’s going to destroy Robinson all day long. Linebackers will use speed to run down runs and help cover. David is primary TE responsibility. Defensive line will play the run on the way to pass rush, we respect New Orleans running game but understand that their passing game is more lethal.

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Since apparently what we are doing this week is trolling our divisional opponents,  I think it is worth mentioning that for the most part New Orleans  Offense did next to nothing and might just have had the worst quarterback this week Who even in garbage time could not help his offense score touchdowns.. While normally a very productive wide receiver occur this week they were firing blanks. Maybe the one positive thing I can say is that Melvin Gordon had a good week.

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James Conner was awesome too and you can say the exact same thing about IC's players bar Tannehill who was ok and Chubb who bossed it.

Plus Buffalo v Jacksonville was a 1 score game the entire time. Not garbage time.

That's the difference - since Henry's injury you've entered desperation mode to stay in touch with the division. I'm just doing my duty as an impartial voter and analyst.

Edited by WFLukic
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12 minutes ago, WFLukic said:

James Conner was awesome too and you can say the exact same thing about IC's players bar Tannehill who was ok and Chubb who bossed it.

Plus Buffalo v Jacksonville was a 1 score game the entire time. Not garbage time.

That's the difference - since Henry's injury you've entered desperation mode to stay in touch with the division. I'm just doing my duty as an impartial voter and analyst.

That's an opinion.  I'm simply stating the reason I'm voting for IC. I think they're they better team in this matchup. I think their team across the board is showing out better this week. 

Also, I'm 3-1 in the division, tf am I desperate for?

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On 11/8/2021 at 8:34 AM, WFLukic said:

IC is a great team, entitled to vote as you wish - didn't say otherwise and I certainly knew I wasn't going to get it anyway.

 Actually I went into this week thinking prior to yesterday that your team was one of the very few teams capable of beating Ivory Coast unfortunately the people on your team is on your team just had a down week There is not anyone in this league including myself that would suggest for 1 second you do not have a very good team. I did not vote  Against you because I think you have a bad team you are a bad owner or you are a division rival. I voted for IC because because I genuinely feel like his finally feel like his deed had a better week up to this point now there is a few players that have not played yet but I don't think they would change my Is find that drastically that I feel like I needed to wait.

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