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1 hour ago, StLunatic88 said:

See, you cant have that distinction when you praise those all time legends for it. We praise those legends for doing it, so kids are going to act that way too. I agree you should have to earn that, but no one has ever told him that, he hasn't learned that lesson. He has been the best of the best till he got to FSU, so at every one of those levels before, he was an "all time legend", and now that he is at JuCo in Kansas, he is THAT much better than just about everyone around him so I understand why he reverts to that.

All Im saying is that the trash talk on the field (because it shows me the passion and swagger I like in a player), and the dogging his teammates (because I see desire to make everything around him perfect) and especially him being better than his never-was JuCo coaches aren't reasons I wouldn't want him on the team.

Now the class/grades thing, the helicopter dad, and the extreme of "F-off, Im calling my own plays" are what would make me take a pass. But if he didn't have those major pock-marks, the previous things I talked about could be molded into a great player.

This is all a fair assessment of him and certainly I can see where you're coming from.

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Cant wrap my head around why someone would steal in a dorm where you can see the cameras in the hallways. Hopefully Bobby Bruce has a job waiting for him when he gets home so he can provide for his new baby but I think probably not. These kids need to be sold on the process of what they are there for cause cliche as it sounds football is not their future much past college but it's more than obvious the classroom is not something they gravitate towards. I realize talent wise most of them are div 1 level and may get picked up UDFA but then most don't make it from there also, it's just sad watching the struggles these kids are having from the upbringing they had.

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On one hand, I think the coach is terrible and garbage at motivating these kids, BUT on the other hand he has to deal with some rough kids and like he said, he's graduated and impacted 200 of them positively. I can't knock him for that at all. Plus I have to think they edit the footage Coach Brown in such a way to make him look bad.

That being said, I think it was time to switch schools. It's not as fun to watch when the team sucks. 

KD having all of those air fresheners had me dying though 😂😂

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