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1/31 - Anniversary of our SB Win vs Broncos


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Meant to post this a few hours ago because on 1/31 it was the anniversary of the Redskins winning their 2nd SB (and 4th NFL championship). This game was played before many of you were even born but I still remember this game like it was yesterday. 

I want you to take a look at the link below and watch the whole game. Look at a few things.

  1. The physicality of everything and how more brutal the game was (just count how many things are penalties now).
  2. The "chippiness" in the SB (something I don't see much of anymore).
  3. The defensive genius of Petitbon (after the 1st Quarter).
  4. The huge, offensive genius of Gibbs. Take a look at Sanders' 2nd TD to make it 28-10. We blocked that play and the RBs took off, like we were running the Counter Gap (or "Counter Trey") to the right (*). This caused pretty much the ENTIRE defense to bite to try to stop it. The result was Sanders embarrassingly wide open for the TD. 

(*) that counter to the right was the same play call that Timmy Smith scored on right before. This is what happens when your offense has a signature play that is so good, that the defense needs to sell out to stop.

Redskins Beat Broncos in Super Bowl 22


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4 hours ago, bigdog44 said:

I was 8 years old and remember it well. Timmy Smith was going to the hall of fame!! It looked so bad during that first quarter, then, wow. Today it feels like a million years ago.

We might be the same age, I was 8 I think too. I remember crying when they went down 10-0 in the first Q and they looked awful. Then the 2nd Q happened and I was that happiest boy in the world.

Were you born in 1979?

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