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Denver Broncos for sale


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4 hours ago, WheatieMan said:

Mannings are worth a billion? I mean they made a few hundred million over their careers plus endorsements but unless that was all invested and compounded, it would take them 20-30 years to pay down a 46% slice, no?

No, he is just a part of the bidding group that is paying 4B+ collectively. His contributions could be as low as 10M. 

Sort of like how Usher is part owner of the Cavs, but its a lot less than that. He spent 9M for a 1% share, but its obviously worth a lot more today. Technically he can say he is 'part owner' of the Cavs but in reality its just a few percent now.

he put down 9M when the team was worth 375M in 2005 and now the team is worth 1.3B so he probably made 30-50M off his original investment in the team. That aint too shabby for a 15 year investment.

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22 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

half of a half of a half of a percent? Yes. I could swing that. (Something mathwise like that)

I did the math on this.  Forbes values Broncos at $3.75 billion.  Times 0.005, times 0.005, times 0.005 is only $468.75.  So ya man go for it!

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