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Picks that Bears fans will remember -for posterity


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Hindsight is 20/20 and completely unfair but ... 

Here are some picks that Poles passed on that may come back to haunt Poles in minds of some Bears fans:

1.  One George Pickens 52 WR  - had he come to Bears he would be talk of town.  Had he gone to Pack he would be head case on a timer.  But he went to Pittsburgh and they historically never draft good WRs for value.

2.  David Ojabo 45 Edge - a luxury pick who may look pretty good 2 years hence at a hard to find position.  

3. Cam Jurgens 51 C - Interesting story.  I was watching draft on Bleacher Report and Kelce was an analyst.  He said team asked him to scout all centers in draft and pick his favorite who was most like him.   He chose Cam Jurgens (after the Iowa guy I think).  He was super proud he essentially made the pick.   Also interesting that he would willingly help pick his (eventual?) replacement.    Let's see what kind of scout Kelce is.   

4.  Alec Pierce 53 WR- A lot of fans liked him at WR.

5. Skyy Moore 54 WR - As long as they didn't pick him over Pickens Bears fans liked him.  Would be a good fit for WR/RB role they are looking at with Velus.  He is built like a RB.  

6. Jalen Tolbert 88 Wr - Another WR Bears fans had their eye on.

7. Nakobe Dean 83 LB - A lot of talking heads said this was best off ball LB in draft.   A lot of value for him to fall this far.  

8. Bernhard Raimann 77 OT - A lot of talking heads had this dude going in 1st.  I didn't see it.  I thought that was very likely bust city.   At 77 he was worth a flyer though.  

9. Perrion Winfrey 108 DT - Some here were pounding table for this guy in 2nd.   He fell all the way to 108.   His highlight film is full of flashes and Poles said grade the flashes.  Not so much for Winfrey I guess.  

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Add Calvin Austin-WR as well to that list. We had a ton of chances to snag him, and many analysts said he was the steal of day 3 to the Steelers.

That said I can at least understand the hesitancy.... guy is TINY for a potential NFL player, being like 15 lbs lighter than Tyreek Hill even..... but he has the talent to be at least what Mooney is, and Tyreek Hill like potential.

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Going to add (for me and Adam Hoge) Daniel Faalele OT who went 110 to Ravens.

Like Steelers and WRs, Ravens never draft good OL soooo ...

People are like, but he isn't scheme fit!   He isn't our type Dan you moron.  

I say a monster, mashing OT who can also move his feet is like a really hot actress once said, "I am everybody's type."

Dudes that big who carry it well don't grow on trees.  They are rare.


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Listening to a draft guru named EJ Snyder just after draft on Windy City Gridiron podcast.   

I really like him.  Seems to know what he is talking about.  Maybe because I agree with most of what he was saying about picks as I looked them.  So because he agrees with me I think he is smart LOL.

Both he and another Oline ‘expert’ kind of were on same page with me on Zach Thomas.  I and they think he has a future at guard in NFL.   He is a project though.  So he can be, but it isn’t a given by any means.  

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Most drafts are only going have a handful of studs in entire thing maybe 6 - 10. Then a number of good players maybe 20 or so.  Then maybe another 30 or 40 role player starters and rest are special teamers and developmental guys or are injury fill ins and shouldn’t be starting.

For illustration a quick glance at 2019 and start naming some (I may miss some):


Nick Bosa 

Josh Allen

Deebo 2nd

AJ Brown 2nd 

DK Metcalf 2nd

Maxx Crosby 4th


Jenkins 2nd

McLaurin 3rd

K Murray 1st overall

Burns 2nd

Josh Allen 1st … to be continued  




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Packers and Bears fans are going to be pissed if this dude is a player out of the gate.

Who is throwing him the ball for him to look good though?  All I hear is Trubisky and the rookie suck, but Pickens is awesome.  How can both things be true?



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George Pickens — Pickens has been a star. What has made him different than rookies in the past is the consistency of the spectacular play as well as the being a decent route runner this early in his pro career. He can do more than run deep. His hands are good, his speed is good, his ability to contort his body is good. Honestly, I’ve never seen a rookie this good this early. We all know he has to transfer that to preseason games, but I would be shocked if he didn’t.

 - From an Athletic article by Mark Kaboly 

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34 minutes ago, Sugashane said:

Mooney and Pickens would be a damn good start to a WR corps. Adding Juju in the slot would have had me ecstatic.


Prayers be with you Fields.

Think about this as well.  Lets say in 4 years Pickens is really good, but he gets tagged and is holding out.

You can flip a great WR for high draft picks in a trade.   A safety you cannot unless he is all world - it is similar to a LB.

Roquan will not get a first round pick back no matter what fans are saying in a trade.  There is no way.

Positional value matters.   

I say this and Brisker is my favorite player from rookie class thus far.  Unless Jones works out, then he might be.


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