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Ranking the drafts, 1-32.


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Rams in 32nd - bold call. 

The track record that Snead has at finding value in the mid-late rounds, plus the coaching of Sean McVay and Co makes me feel very confident that at the very worst the Rams draft will still be between 15-18 out of the 32 teams when all said and done. 

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On 5/3/2022 at 10:01 PM, Suffering_Bills said:


Not having a 1st-rounder never really helps your draft, and I guess we'll see this year if Trey Lance was indeed worth it. That should be one of the more interesting storylines in the league this season. I thought they did about as well as they could, talent-wise, with the selection of Drake Jackson in the late 2nd. He could form a very good tandem with Bosa, in time. Unfortunately, the rest of their draft kind of resembles a landfill. It's like a who's who of "WHO?" Now, Gray, the 3rd-round WR from S.M.U., actually does have some potential, and I think the 6th-round choice of Castro-Fields was a pretty good value selection. Other than that, it's one of the lamest collections of camp bodies that I've truly ever personally seen

Honestly, I agreed with a lot of the sentiments at the time, including liking the Castro Fields selection and thinking the middle rounds were packed with a lot of "meh". But 3 months later, Burford is pretty much a lock to be the starting right guard, Womack may end up being the starting nickel corner, and Davis-Price looks likely to be the 1b platoon back. Drake Jackson was always a good pick at the spot, and he looks to be pretty much you would think (developmental, athletic pass rusher with some upside). Meanwhile, Castro Fields will not make the roster. 

Pretty funny all things considered. I don't know how much of it sticks long term. Womack looks like a really solid developmental corner though; very comparable to DJ Reed. 

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So current projections:

Walker looks like he's gonna be a problem year 1(he's forced a couple of holds in 2 games.)

Lloyd. Got hurt right before camp with a hamstring but he's been working off on the side.  Should be a starter and be better then what we had last year. 

Fortner looks like he's going to be a long-term starter at center.  Haven't seen any mistakes from him. 

Muma has potential but his first game was a lil rough with mistakes, not shedding blocks but the next game looked better(probably due to playing next to a starter vs a backup(both starting ILB we're out at Hof game). 

Conner has cooled off some but he's probably a lock for rb3 and maybe a backup kick-off return guy. 

Gregory junior hasn't really made any plays that I recall but he's probably in competition for the 5th CB spot or practice squad. 

Montaric brown same as Gregory junior. 

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On 8/15/2022 at 8:59 AM, BigTrav said:

Wasn't talking to you, was talking to the saints fan. Other option other than to wait for actual NFL games before declaring someone is awesome? Just guess....I suppose?

I guess, I suppose. All good. I think? Was I talking to you? I don't know... -I think?

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