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53 Man Roster Predictions

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Deadpulse    64
2 minutes ago, iothar said:
4 hours ago, keysersoze3421 said:

I don't see any way that Carr and Lucien will make it.

Neither one is overwhelmingly good.

Well to be fair, if they were we wouldn't be talking about them when discussing roster bubble players. I dont think Lucien has much of a shot at this point, he has been outshined thus far by his contemporaries. Carr has the NFL ability to be an end of the depth chart guy, but probably not for this team that just went out and got Brandon Cooks. 

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iothar    3

I meant more in the sense of roster bubble players. I hold neither one beating out Amendola who I think is the lowest WR (Mitchell may have injury problems but hasn't reached a negative status due to it yet). Carr would need to have some really solid games and the Pats would have to make some surprise cuts ala Lewis and Ealy for me to expect him to make it.

Bill has kept 7 WRs before though..

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