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2024 Ring of Honor

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Being inducted this year at the Monday night game against Washington on September 23rd, here are the 11 deserving candidates for two spots.

Reggie Williams

Number: 57

Position: Linebacker

Career: 1976-89


Bob Trumpy

Number: 84

Position: Tight End

Career: 1968-77


Lemar Parrish

Number: 20

Position: Cornerback, Kick Returner, Punt Returner

Career: 1970-77


Jim Breech

Number: 3, 10

Position: Kicker

Career: 1980-92


James Brooks

Number: 21

Position: Running Back

Career: 1984-91


Cris Collinsworth

Number: 80

Position: Wide Receiver

Career: 1981-88


Corey Dillon

Number: 28

Position: Running Back

Career: 1997-03


David Fulcher

Number: 33

Position: Safety

Career: 1986-92


Tim Krumrie

Number: 69

Position: Nose Tackle

Career: 1983-94


Dave Lapham

Number: 62

Position: Offensive Guard

Career: 1974-83


Max Montoya

Number: 65

Position: Offensive Guard

Career: 1979-89

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I think the super obvious players are in already, Hall of famers and players that probably should be. But I do think that the next two are clear to me in Bob Trumpy and Lemar Parrish. There's a bit of bonus points on my part due to the end of their careers being so long ago, but they are both really under appreciated for their play. Assuming no one gets added to the list *cough* Geno Atkins *cough* my order is this:

Trumpy, Parrish

Williams, Dillon 

Brooks, Krumrie 

Montoya, Collinsworth

Fulcher, Breech

Dave Lapham will go in earlier than that, due to his position with the team now, but I don't think he's more deserving as a player than anyone else on the list 

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2 hours ago, THE DUKE said:

My picks would be Krumrie and Brooks for this year, but like you said, most of these guys are in similar territory now, just how they want to shuffle them.

That's my childhood special!

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I say Dillon and Krumrie.  Krumrie was the heart of the Super Bowl defense.  Him going down, plus Stanley Wilson's demise, ultimately doomed them in Miami.


Dillon, despite his exit, is actually deserving and is borderline hall of fame.  Do I like the way it ended?  Of course not, but he did endure some of the worst teams in Bengals history, mostly due top Paul's passing and the Victoria C thing.  The allegations forced the Brown family to dump a bunch of talented players for nothing, and Paul's passing had Mike saving all that money back for presumed estate taxes, though he did eventually win that legally.  The irony in Dillon is that fans hated him for getting emotional, while he played the exact same way (with a huge chip on his shoulder and violent intent).

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