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Devils Country Music Thread


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Didnt think there was any interest for me to finish and I got covid at the end of January so I decided to never finish, but Ill finish things out quickly.


40.Triston Marez-When She Calls Me Cowboy
39.Carly Pearce w/Ashley McBryde-Never Wanted To Be That Girl
38.Cannan Smith-High Country
37.Parker McCollum-Why Indiana
36.Read Southall Band-DLTGYD
35.Brian Kelley-Savannah
34.Red Shahan-Javelina
33.Morgan Wade-Matches and Metaphores
32.Triston Marez-Two Beers on the Bar
31.Chapel Hart-Thats A Redneck Summer Night

"It's raining at my house, is it raining at yours?, When it rains it pours, to hell with the metaphors, I want you so bad I think I might die, I'm sorry I keep feeding you these lines, but"-Matches and Metaphors

"I heard about those women who didn't have a clue, The ones that made excuses like my mama used to do, And he jumps in the shower just as soon as he gets home, And I spend half an hour goin' through his phone"-Never Wanted To Be That Girl

"Left two beers on the bar, Never even drank 'em, Put five dollars in the jukebox, Left that old thing singing"-Two Beers on the Bar




30.Billy Strings-This Old World
29.Kody West-Buried Alive
28.Chapel Hart-Jesus & Alcohol
27.Leah Belvins-Afraid
26.Charles Wesley Godwin-Strong
25.Midland-Sunrise Tells The Story
24.Cole Chaney-Another Day in the Life
23.Sierra Ferrell w/Billy Strings-Bells of Every Chapel
22.Brian Kelley-Songs For You
21.Justin Moore-Hearing Things

 "So pass the Bible, bourbon, and brace for a breakup, I'll fix my problems pouring and praying in search of"-Jesus & Alcohol

"Like Prefontaine from an outside lane, Proving them wrong, Coming on strong"-Strong

"Well I wet a line today, Didn't catch a damn thing, But you know a bad day of fishin' beats the hell out of workin', Yeah I wet a line today"-Another Day in The Life

"We ate as a family, It's been a long time since we, Sat down at the table and bowed our heads, Yeah we ate as a family"-Another Day in The Life




20.Mike and the Moonpies-Rainy Day
19.Jason Boland and The Stragglers-The Light Saw Me
18.Midland-And Then Some
17.Sarah Shook and The Disarmers-Talkin To Myself
16.Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall-Waxahachie
15.Carly Pearce-29
14.Drew Parker-While Youre Gone
13.Jon Randall-Tequila Kisses
12.Brian Kelley-Sunburnt, Barefoot & in Love
11.Cannan Smith-Still

"'Cause for me twenty-nine is, The year that I got married and divorced, Held on for dear life but I still fell off the horse, From a Miss to Mrs., Then the other way around, The year I was goin' live it up, Now I'm never going to live it down"-29

"Yeah, while you're out there, Looking for some kind of brand new start, I'll just be kicking it with this BP PBR"-While You're Gone

"Look out above, that ain't the moon shining through the trees
Whoa my love, I saw the light, but more importantly, the light saw me."-The Light Saw Me




10.Morgan Wallen-865
9.Giovannie and The Hired Guns-Ramon Ayala
8.Charles Wesley Godwin-Cranes of Potter
7.Leah Blevins-Mexican Restaurant
6.Sturgill Simpson-Sam
5.Read Southall Band-Stickin and Movin
4.Jon Wolfe-Two Hearts in Teralingua
3.Morgan Wade-Wilder Days
2.Charles Wesley Godwin-Over Yonder
1.Mike and the Moonpies-Hour on the Hour

"Then word got around, that Clyde was back in town, By a way of manifest, destiny he had gained himself renown, In the year seventy-five, ten years after Lincoln died, Claire kissed the kids goodnight, snuck off to meet her old friend Clyde"-Cranes of Potter

"Comfort in a loaded gun, Beauty in a settin' sun, I'm tired but just begun
Headed over yonder, Roll through meadows of my kin, Sittin' next to man's best friend, Comin' up around the bend, Headed over yonder"-Over Yonder

"There’s Two hearts in Terlingua carved onto a stone, The legend round here lingers of the Dos Corazones, He was just an old bandito who stole a young girls hand, Two hearts in Terlingua, Who’s love will never end"-Two Heart in Terlingua

"Some days I need some one to talk to, But I don't need no troubadour, Singin' me a sad reminder, Of someone walkin' out the door"-Hour on the Hour

"He was the runt of the litter, But a plenty mean pup, Put Sam on the scent and he'd never let up, Spent his nights on the porch chewing on a bear bone, Now he's underground and I'm all alone"-Sam



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How is country music in 2022 treating everyone?

As of now, its not comparing to the amazing year of 2021. Both Tyler Childers and Jon Pardi's new albums have been a bit of a disappointment for me. I wouldnt call them bad, just disappointing since Im a huge fan of both. 

On the bright side, there are a good number of great songs out right now that I cant get enough of.

Lainey Wilson-Live Off
Ian Munsick-Horeses & Weed
The Panhandlers-Where Cotton is King
Parker McCollum-Handle on You
Muscadine Bloodline-Evinrudin'
Cody Jinks, Ward Davis, Clint Black-Nothing's News
Megan Moroney-Tennessee Orange

Just a few of the songs Im loving right now




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I decided to do a couple small year end lists. Im going to start with EPs.


TOP 10 2023 EPs


1.The Panhandlers-West Texas Is The Best Texas
-Best Song: Midland Jamboree

2.Megan Moroney-Pistol Made of Roses
-Best Song: Hair Salon

3.Rachel McIntyre Smith-Glory Daze
-Best Song: Miss Highfalutin

4.Jeremy McComb-The Way Back
-Best Song: Price Is Right

5.Hannah Blaylock-The Fall
-Best Song: Burned the Forest

6.Caleb Lee Hutchinson-Songs I'll Never Play Again(39/50)
7.Flatland Cavalry-Songs To Keep You Warm(36/50)
8.Sarah Buxton-Moonriser(36/50)
9.Eric Church-&(36/50)
10.Travis Denning-Might As Well Be Me(35/50)



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100.Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway w/Gillian Welch-Side Saddle
99.The Wilder Blue-The Kingsnake and the Rattler
98.Zach Bryan-Billy Stay
97.Megan Moroney-Til It All Goes South
96.Charley Crockett-The Man from Waco
95.Lindsay Lou w/Billy Strings-Freedom
94.Riley Green-Miles on Main
93.The Wilder Blue-The Birds of Youth
92.Shea Abisher & the Nighthowlers-Take What You Need
91.Emily Ann Roberts-Whole Lotta Little

90.Whiskey Myers-For The Kids
89.Carrie Underwood-Poor Everybody Else
88.Kenneth Koultre-Weak
87.Kody West-Falling
86.Tennessee Jet-Garth Brooks
85.William Beckmann-Follow
84.Koe Wetzel-April Showers
83.Orville Peck-Outta Time
82.Zach Bryan-Us Then
81.Lainey Wilson-Road Runner

80.Dylan Wheeler-Times Are Changing
79.Miranda Lambert w/The B-52's-Music City Queen
78.Jeremy McComb w/Caroline Jones-Back Before I Knew Ya
77.Bri Bagwell-'Til I Can Let You Go
76.Giovannie and the Hired Guns-I Dont Mind

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75.Bailey Zimmerman-Rock and A Hard Place
74.Kelsea Ballerini-Subject To Change
73.Ernest w/Morgan Wallen-Flower Shops
72.Bri Bagwell-Josefine
71.Jon Pardi-Last Night Lonely

70.Lainey Wilson-Hillbilly Hippie
69.Nicholas Jamerson w/Charles Wesley Godwin-Peace Mountain
68.Miranda Lambert-Actin' Up
67.Koe Wetzel-Better Without You
66.Hailey Whitters-Raised
65.Ian Munisck-Horses and Weed
64.South Texas Tweek-Feelin' Good
63.Tyler Childers-Angel Band
62.Whiskey Myers-John Wayne
61.Sarah Shook & the Disarmers-Talkin' to Myself

60.Cody Jinks w/Ward Davis and Clint Black-Nothin's News
59.Jon Pardi-Mr Saturday Night
58.Colby Acuff-Bad Day to Be a Beer
57.Orville Peck-Daytona Sand
56.Jarrod Morris-Open Book
55.Colby Acuff-Nothing to Lose
54.Jackson Dean-Greenbroke
53.Koe Wetzel-Cabo
52.Orville Peck-C'mon Baby, Cry
51.Hailey Whitters-Boys Back Home


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50.The Panhandlers-Where Cotton is King
49.Kimberly Kelly-Honky Tonk Town
48.Parker McCollum-Handle on You
47.Lainey Wilson-Grease
46.Joshua Headley-Country & Western
45.Hailey Whitters w/American Aquarium-Middle of America
44.Connor Smith-I Hate Alabama
43.Morgan Wade-The Night(Part 2)
42.Hardy-Sold Out
41.Lainey Wilson-Heart Like A Truck


40.Kaitlin Butts-what else can she do?
39.Randy Rogers Band-Heart For Just One Team
38.Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway-She'll Change
37.JB and The Moonshine Band-Catching Fire
36.Sundy Best w/Mac Powell-Walk by Faith
35.Pecos & the Rooftops-Last Nights Lashes
34.Orville Peck-Lafayette
33.Jarrod Morris-When You're Coming Down
32.Bri Bagwell-The Dust
31.William Clark Green-Baker Hotel


30.Billy Strings-Long Journey Home
29.Ian Noe-Ballad of a Retired Man
28.Mason Lively-Hold On
27.Dylan Wheeler-Save You Now
26.Hardy w/Lainey Wilson-wait in the truck


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25.Kaitlin Butts-bored if i dont
24.Muscadine Bloodline-Me On You
23.Zach Bryan-From Austin
22.Orville Peck-Kalahari Down
21.Hailey Whitters-College Town


20.Charley Crockett-Trinity River
19.The Wilder Blue-The Ghost of Lincoln
18.Zach Bryan-The Good I'll Do
17.Colby Acuff-Last Buffalo
16.The Panhandlers-West Texas Is The Best Texas
15.Kaitlin Butts-she's using
14.Muscadine Bloodline-Evanrudin'
13.Lainey Wilson-Those Boots(Deddy's Song)
12.William Beckmann-30 Miles
11.Hailey Whitters-Big Family


10.Ian Munsick-More Than Me
9.Randy Rogers Band-Nothing But Love Songs
8.Hailey Whitters-Everything She Aint
7.Zach Bryan-Motorcycle Drive By
6.Megan Moroney-Hair Salon


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In total, I listened to about 50 albums multiple listens and about another 10 albums that I gave one listen or less and decided to give up. Im not listening to music I dont like anymore. If I listed my total numbers, Id only have a few albums under 50 because I am refusing to waste my time on albums I know I will hate before even listening.

Not the greatest of years for country music. The top is not great. Some very good music but I dont think there were any albums that I will look back and have at the top for the decade. Still gave 16 albums a grade of 80 or better and that seems to be close enough to most years for me.

90+ Great Album. Hardly any issues 
80+ Very Good Album. Most of the album is a great listen
70+ Solid Album. It has its issues but the positives easily outweigh negatives
60+ Meh Album. Some good. A lot of bad. Usually bland area
50+ Not Good. The album is clearly bad but it has some descent stuff mixed in
>50 Bad Album. Varying degrees



25.Dylan Wheeler-Times Are Changing
-Best Song:Times Are Changing

24.Randy Rogers Band-Homecoming
-Best Song:Nothing But Love Songs

23.Jon Pardi-Mr Saturday Night
-Best Song:Neon Light Speed

22.Kelsea Ballerini-Subject To Change
-Best Song:Subject to Change

21.Miranda Lambert-Palomino
-Best Song:Waxahachie

20.Koe Wetzel-Hell Paso
-Best Song:Cabo

19.Warren Zeiders-717 Tapes
-Best Song:Dirt Road Down


18.William Clark Green-Baker Hotel
-Best Song:Baker Hotel

17.Sarah Shook & the Disarmers-Nightroamer
-Best Song:Talkin' to Myself

16.Sunny Sweeney-Married Alone
-Best Song:All I Don't Need

15.Charley Crockett-The Man from Waco
-Best Song:Trinity River

14.Jarrod Morris-Running on Change
-Best Song:When You're Coming Down

13.Kimberly Kelly-I'll Tell You What's Gonna Happen
-Best Song:Honky Tonk Town

12.The Wilder Blue-The Wilder Blue
-Best Song:The Ghost of Lincoln

11.Zach Bryan-American Heartbreak
-Best Song:The Good I'll Do


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10.Billy Strings-Me/And/Dad
-Best Song:Long Journey Home

9.William Beckmann-Faded Memories
-Best Song:30 Miles

8.Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway-Crooked Tree
-Best Song:She'll Change

7.Orville Peck-Bronco
-Best Song:Kalahari Down

6.Bri Bagwell-Corozon y Cabeza
-Best Song:The Dust


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5.Zach Bryan-Summertime Blues
-Best Song:Oklahoma Smokeshow

4.Lainey Wilson-Bell Bottom Country
-Best Song:Live Off

3.Kaitlin Butt-What Else Can She Do
-Best Song:bored if I dont

2.Hailey Whitters-Raised
-Best Song:Everything She Aint

1.Colby Acuff-Honky Tonk Heaven
-Best Song:Honky Tonk Heaven


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