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Pretend Mock Scenario..


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I have a silly pretend scenario to see if you would do this trade and if so who you would pick. Marcus Mariota to the Browns for picks #1 #4 #33 # 35? If I were to do it the draft could look something like:

#1 Sam Darnold - we would have to go QB. I have no idea who is best QB in this draft but we would have our pick.

#4 Saquon Barkley - defense may be a better idea here but how fun would this be.

#25 Harold Landry - have to get an edge player on defense.

#33 Rashaan Evans - Williamson probably gone. 

#35 Will Hernandez - I think Spain will be back of RFA tender and Kline gone.

#57 Carlton Davis - need another corner.

I don't think I would do it just because I love Marcus so much but man it would be a fun draft. Would anyone do this? And what would your drafts look like?

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55 minutes ago, SARGO127 said:

If the browns offered that , I would drive Mariota to Cleveland myself. 

? free of charge thanks for everything. Take Barkley at 1 & Fitzpatrick at 4 throw trade for Eli Manning & tell him just manage the game. 

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17 minutes ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Nope I’m keeping Mariota because personally I think Darnold sucks. I’m one of Mariota’s biggest critics but I wouldn’t make that trade.

Who said we have to take Darnold?

1 - Barkley

4 - Fitzpatrick 

25 - Landry

33 - Vander Esch

35 - G

57 - S

sign Kirk 

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Nope. How long did we go and how many QBs have we gone through since Mcnair before we finally go it right with Mariota? I'm not willing to give that up for anything. Plus if even half of those picks turn out to be decent players we will be in cap hell in 4 years when its time to pay them.

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This is actually horrible for Marcus. He finally gets away from Mularkey and now he's back with him! If this scenario did happen though I would have to go. 

1.Barkley RB

4.Nelson G

25.Evans ILB

33.Landry OLB

35.Davis CB

57.White SS

Pick up Cousins, or Teddy for QB. 

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