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2018 Dolphins Schedule, Season Predicition thread!

2018 NFL Schedule!  

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  1. 1. What record will the 2018 Miami Dolphins achieve this year?

  2. 2. PLAYOFFS?

    • Yes
    • Playoffs???! Don't be talking about playoffs! Playoffs?
  3. 3. Will another regime change happen at the end of this season?

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We need to draft one of the heavy hitting DLinemen early in 2019. Possibly R1 and Rd 2.


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Bumping this thread now that the season is nearing its end.

Holy crap I actually got most of the season right. Not only are we likely to be 7-9 after losing to Buffalo, I actually nailed a majority of the games lol (just got the Buffalo games swapped and instead of beating the Colts, we swept the Jets):


vs Titans, Sunday 1pm W
@ NY Jets, Sunday 1pm L
vs Oakland, Sunday 1pm W
@ New England, Sunday 1pm L

@ Cincinnati, Sunday 1pm L
vs Chicago, Sunday 1pm W
vs Detroit, Sunday 1pm L
@ Houston, Thursday 8:20pm L
vs NY Jets, Sunday 1pm W
@ Green Bay, Sunday 1pm L
@ Indianapolis, Sunday 1pm W
vs Buffalo, Sunday 1pm L
vs New England, Sunday 1pm W
@ Minnesota, Sunday 1pm L
vs Jacksonville, Sunday 1pm L
@ Buffalo, Sunday 1pm W

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