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Patriots Pre-season Week 1 - Jaguars GDT

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2 hours ago, iothar said:

Jimmy looked fine considering who he was playing with.

Here's the trouble with that though. He was stymied playing against the Jacksonville 1's. Despite his supporting cast, you'd expect more out of him there. It isn't like the Jags are world beaters on defense. His production was good overall and he made some key throws, but he hasn't done anything to prove all his doubters wrong. 

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A lot of my questions did not get answered in this game. Some of that had to do with injuries, some of that had to do with no one stepping up, and some due to guys just not playing.

1. That pesky DE/Edge role - Wise and Rivers really didn't show up in this game, and with Wise going out with what seemed like a bad concussion, this position seems to be seeping further into quagmire. Ealy didnt play in this game either, the broadcast had it as due to injury. We better hope Trey Flowers can have a full year of play that he had at the tail end of last, otherwise our defensive front is in trouble. 

2. How are we playing the CBs? - with only the bottom of the barrel at CB playing in this game, we really have no insight on what the top 3's roles will be in the regular season. One CB question did get answered though, Cyrus Jones is a bust and a half. That second big play may have been a safety error, but the first was just CB 101 mistakes. 

3. The RB situation - With Mike out due to a hamstring, Rex and James sitting, we got a healthy dose of Dion Lewis. I found this to be odd, are they trying to showcase him for a trade? Is he on the bubble? The only other guys who played in this game outside of QBs were end of roster types. Is Burkhead currently ahead of him?

4. How will Dwayne Allen fit? - We might be able to read between the lines on this one since we saw Lewis play but not Allen. Could be that coaches aren't concerned about how he will play in this offense. 

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The Jags kind of are world beaters. With a completely fresh team against the Patriots vanilla offense he looked fine.


Patriots literally had no starters on either side, and Jimmy took a bad sack was about all I could see. Couple passes sailed on him or threw to the wrong side of Lewis but he seemed fine.

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Couldn't watch the game as I had to work early - it started at 00.30 Friday morning here - but from the stats and highlights it looked like they were playing it very, very safe. No starters on either side. Some of the back-up WRs looked decent. The DL looked porous, but back-ups vs. starters makes it hard to judge.

No injuries makes a pre-season game a win no matter what else.

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