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The 2022/23 Buffalo Sabres Thread


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The offense is legit.. Okposo cant skate anymore but loving Tyson Jost centering VO and Mitts on the 3rd line. 

The defense is getting better but the growing pains with Power and Joker are real. I'm not a fan of Joker but our goaltending has been atrocious. UPL isnt ready and looks lost blindly kicking out rebounds and Comrie has been a bust. We cant have a team Save% under .900

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2 hours ago, DER10N92 said:

#1 scoring team in the league but a .500 record and towards bottom in the division. Sucks that our defense/goaltending can't even atleast be average for us to get more wins.

UPL had his best game as a pro last night.. Big 4-2 W in Colorado playing all game with 5 defenders

Our season break down is 




That 0-8 was literally 8 games with Mattias Samuelsson. 

Goaltending has been an issue. Comrie signing looks bad, Craig Anderson is a solid 41 year old back up but UPL has a bad start 

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