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2017 Draft Class: Year Two Expectations

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So Seattle had a ton of picks in 2017, and alot of them saw the field in varying roles. What kind of contributions do you think these guys will have in 2018?


2. 35 - Malik McDowell : DT [Missed all of 2017]

2. 58 - Ethan Pocic : OL [Took over RG in the second half]

3. 90 -  Shaquill Griffin CB [Starting CB from game 1]

3. 95 - Delano Hill SS [Backup, ST]

3. 102 - Nazair Jones - DT [Spot Starting DT, Key contributer]

3. 106 - Amara Darboh - WR [Few snaps, had couple of catches down the stretch]

4. 111 - Tedric Thompson S [ST]

6. 187 - Mike Tyson CB [PS]

6. 210 - Justin Senior - T [IR]

7. 226 - David Moore - WR [PS => Roster]

7. 249 - Chris Carson - RB [Starting RB, injured => IR]

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Malik McDowell 

Sounds like he wont ever be cleared. What a waste.


Ethan Pocic

Dude got THICC in the off-season. Most analysis of his 2017 play saw technique is there, strength was not. Its a shame Glowinski was such a dud. Ethan got thrown into the fire a bit too soon. Seattle has struggled to fill the Carpenter-Sweezy void since their departures. Pocic might be the best bet to lock down one of those G spots.


Shaq Griffin

He played well in 2017 and Im sure his level play had a role in Sherms release. He might not be a lockdown #1, but he seems to be a good solid cover corner. Sophomore slump is always a possibility, and the list of CB falling off a cliff after 1 year of good play is long. Hopefully he can solidify that right side for the next chunk of time.


Delano Hill

My hot take, Delano wins the starting SS spot at some point this year. In his limited time last year [in PS] he was all over the field making plays. Baby Bam Bam. Bringing McDougald back is a nice insurance if Hill needs another year to learn OR flames out.


Nazair Jones

It took one PS game for me to see he was going to be my 2017 boi. Very active along the LOS, and has a knack for making the big play. I hope his career is more Mebane than Jordan Hill.


Amara Darboh

Seattle was deep at WR [Four if you include Jimmy] so Darboh was not going to see the field much. That being said, he found his way onto the field in just about every game. I think thats a good sign going forward about this team trusting him and his skill set. I really hope he locks down that WR #3 spot in the PS


Tedric Thompson

Struggled a bit in PS. Will be competing with Mo Alexander for the 4th S spot. 


Mike Tyson

Going to be competing with a bunch of guys for a 4th CB spot. If Tre Flowers can make the transition to corner, Mike might be on the outside looking in. 


Justin Senior

OL with bad knees. Not a successful combo.


David Moore

The fact he was put onto the gameday roster means the staff see something in him. Going to be a primary focus for me in the PS. 


Chris Carson

Only had three games to show off his skillset, and coming off an injury, ya never know. I think and hope he can come back, and he should have a meaningful impact in 2018. Like I have said in previous threads, I think him and Penny will work extremely well together. 

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McDowell may not play.  Really like Griffin and what he brought to the defense last year.  Hopefully in his second year he's more comfortable and can step into being the #1 CB of the future.  Carson has some potential and I think the team will be running back by committee once again this upcoming season.

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This is a solid draft class already. Hopefully we are playing extra safe with Malik, but I’m all aboard the green train anyway. 

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It's a damn shame what happened to McDowell. He was an extremely unique player at MSU, a rare interior player who could bend like an end. I remember thinking he was going to a perfect place when he got drafted, because of the success of other non-traditional defensive prospects who became great players in Seattle. He really could have been a star if not for the ATV accident.


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