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Week 9 GDT: Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos


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4 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

Why go for it.  Take the fg....o brien is an idiot

I don't mind the playcall - what I mind is that we are the only team in the NFL that still has it's RBs 7 yards deep, especially with no fullback.  Blue has one speed anyway - doesn't need 7 yards to build up a head of steam and has no vision anyway which are the only reasons you put a RB that deep.  It also eliminates any play action look which can slow down the penetration.  O'Brien has incorporated some modern approaches to his offense, he needs to ditch his 1970's approach to getting 1 yard, especially with an o-line that is NOT ever going to generate a push.  I haven't noticed is Fulton back in there?  Problem #2 if so. 

PS - just fine tuning here, team looks great

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