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BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

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4 hours ago, Calvert28 said:

His lateral mobility is excellent for a guy who who will check out around 6-3 215 to 220. They have used him in multiple slot roles including wildcat formation as the QB. I made the comparison in another thread he reminds me alot of Cordelle Patterson coming out. But Humphrey I have seen be a serious threat over the middle. I wouldnt call him elite in any one area. But this is a guy who could be a starter for the next 10 years on almost any team given his versatility. 

Keep in mind it may be a little bit of homerism. But the talent is there with this guy and as I said in more then a few ways I prefer him over Colin Johnson. 

Patterson's an interesting comp in that his lateral mobility doesn't match his linear burst and speed. Patterson can change direction but he's a narrow runner in his routes and doesn't separate as well as it looks like he should.

Curious why you like him better than Johnson though?

TBH, I'm not real sure about one over the other at this point but I like Johnson's speed, wingspan and ball skills. His height and fluidity is pretty good. I feel like the only thing L.J. has on Johnson is perhaps better hands. 

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19 hours ago, Jeezla said:

So you hate Darrell Henderson?

He's rb1 imo.

Hadn't watched a lick of Memphis this season. Looked at a handful of games yesterday and feel like I'm almost seeing a clone of Rashaad Penny. Blazing speed and burst with a little bit of wiggle. Runs over guys when he gathers momentum but he's generally an upright runner thru the hole and doesn't sink his hips. Has a lot of gaping holes and space in Memphis' system. He's got some lateral mobility but doesn't have great feet I don't think. 

I was actually impressed even more by WR Damonte Coxie. He's like a mean Devante Adams or a taller Jarvis Landry. Acrobatic hands catcher with impressive yac ability, speed to keep guys honest and a vicious blocker.

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Might be late on this, but I had no idea Singletary was as good as he is. RB1 for me. Tomlinson comp gets overused every year but this is how I recall him looking at TCU. I think DeAngelo Williams is another close comp.

@Calvert28 I'm coming around on Humphrey over Collin Johnson. I underrated his yac ability and physicality.

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