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GDT: New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers


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Injury Report:



Marcus Gilbert - Out

James Conner - Questionable

Ryan Switzer - Questionable


Patriots: None



New England Patriots lead series 16-15-0 (All time)

Steelers record since drafting Ben Roethlisberger: 3-9 (last victory was October 30, 2011)


Tom Brady: 3,700 yds, 23 TDs, 8 Ints ( just 2 games in the last 8, he did not throw an int, however he only has 2 in the last 3 games, 2 vs. Miami)

Ben Roethlisberger: 4,227 yds, 28 TDs, 13 Ints (3 Ints in last 2 weeks)


Team Sacks:  Pittsburgh ranks 2nd.   New England Ranks 29th

Turnovers: NE total: 26  / /  Pittsburgh Total: 18

3rd down conversions (against):  Pittsburgh -- 7th (36.8%)  / / New England -- 22nd (40.5%)

Offensive Scoring:  Pittsburgh (5th)  // New England (6th)

Offensive 3rd Down Conversions:  Pittsburgh -- 7th // New England -- 10th'


See the source image


See the source image

See the source image



So, it sets up like this, New England comes into Pittsburgh as the heavy favorite and for obvious reason.  They're most likely going to spread out our defense and try to pass on us at will.  Can we really say they're not going to succeed?   The Steelers have got to be foaming at the mouth for a win and this coaching staff I'm sure wants to redeem themselves, the pressure is on.

New England is only at Danger of becoming the #4 seed at worst, they're going to win their division.  We however, are at risk of not even making the playoffs, we have to win 2 of the next 3 games to make the playoffs, unless Baltimore and Cleveland completely fall apart.

James Conner hasn't practiced all week, most likely he isn't playing, that means we have no running game in this game.   Artie Burns is starting.

New England is loaded with weapons and is completely healthy.


Here it is, not the best GDT, but I did my best, let's here your thoughts!

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Alright, so my prediction.

First and foremost I believe Chris Boswell will go 2/2 on Field Goals in this game.   I also believe each team commits 3 turnovers in this game.

Turnover breakdown: 

 Tom Brady: 2 Ints , Cordarrelle Patterson (fumble on return)

Ben Roethlisberger 2 Ints, Jaylen Samuels 1 Fumble

Scores from Turnovers: 

NE: 3 TDs 

Pittsburgh 2 FGs, 1 TD

Final Score:  45-23 NE

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only hope for a win is for the offense to come out firing like they did against the colts in 2014, chiefs in 2016, Ravens 2007 etc... need 30-35 pts at halftime

anything less than that kind of performance and we're losing in a blowout or another heartbreaker tbh

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3 hours ago, warfelg said:

Patriots by fiddy.

steelers finally get serious about defeating the pats but don't have the parts. While they get in this shootout and are on their way to getting back into it, possibly taking the lead, you guessed it, ben trows a bad int. Then to tied the game at the end of regulation, boswell :ph34r:oh, there is suspense isn't there

Unless BB throws the game , benches a key player or 2 or if brady gets hurt AND doesn't play, I can't see us winning. Too many issues on our D, and brady used to carve up lebeau's D that was much better in every area.

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this game is fully on the offenses shoulders

feel like its pointless in thinking what the defense will try to do, it won't matter..brady will still do whatever he pleases lol

only way to slow them down is by owning TOP with drives ending in touchdowns ..keep brady off the field like they did in 2011

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1 hour ago, jebrick said:

The Steelers will play tight man-to-man and Brady will kill them with dump offs to the RB.

will they solve Gronk? They tried last year and never worked


1 hour ago, August4th said:

by owning TOP with drives ending in touchdowns

this is why they have to run Connor and tell ben to be quiet and run the play. No coincidence we were near 80% RZ when Connor was healthy and they ran him in the RZ. Maybe Ridley could do this too, but either way they need TOP and running game in RZ .

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6 hours ago, 3rivers said:

will they solve Gronk? They tried last year and never worked

Targets: 115
Receptions: 79
Receiving yards: 1,338
TD-INT: 9-0
Passer rating: 133.9

Targets: 24
Receptions: 11
Receiving yards: 192
TD-INT: 1-1
Passer rating: 70.1


Put Sutton or Burns M-t-M on Gronk

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