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Pro Bowl?

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23 minutes ago, ThatJerkDave said:

Rodgers said something, what was it?  Too many Rodgers **** riders for me to scroll through.

In the video DA said “see you next year”


and Rodgers commented “Next year? You will be busy”

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17 hours ago, blueswedeshoes said:

Playing pro football for fun is like trying to have a mixed martial arts match for fun. Stupid idea.

Baseball’s All Star game is a real contest, but the dynamics are different because you can’t use pitchers as you normally would. The NBA’s game can be played for fun, but it’s not much like a real game because no one plays defense. I don’t watch hockey’s All Star thing, but it might be pretty close to a proper hockey match.

 I never watch the Pro Bowl, and I feel bad for the players that have to go through the motions of playing vanilla schemes with unfamiliar team mates just to get their recognition. 

They do get paid to play in this thing.   It couldn't have been any fun yesterday in the cool rain.  The weather here lately (I'm south of Orlando) has been unseasonably cool and it is unusual for FL to get this much rain in the winter.   I tuned into the game occasionally yesterday and it looked miserable and there were hardly any fans in the stands.  I've watched it in the past when there were more than one or two Packers players in it but that doesn't happen very often even when we have better seasons than this last one.

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15 hours ago, YaddaHolla said:

DA with 2 balls for 41 yards.

I did see one throw in his direction that should have been DPI.  Was this the same crew that did the NFCC game?   ;)

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