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No. 80 browns select Sione Takitaki

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10 hours ago, AkronsWitness said:

lol thats awesome. I had his fat head, the one where hes laying out diving to break up a pass, that took up the entire wall in my freshman dorm room. Sadly after trying to move it 2-3 times it ripped a bunch and was trashed. 

@AkronsWitness had repeated vigorous relations with his (once) "lifelike" Champ Bailey fathead, can infer.

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Champ wasn't the only one with a fa...never mind.

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On 5/3/2019 at 11:33 PM, MistaBohmbastic said:

@DaWg_LB. xD


I was waiting so long for the perfect time to use that GIF, and when the opportunity to swoon over Champ Bailey arose, well then I just knew.

Just know that you made my night lol

We use the same techinques I see....I sometimes see a cool gif....and I will copy it and WAIT for the perfect time to use it.

Like when I first used the gif of Denzel Washington looking disgusted and shaking his head, tossing a hammer and walking out of the room.....When someone said "I hope Tayshaun Gipson has a down year so he will be easier to resign long term".....I thought...this is EXACTLY how I would react to a statement like that....

I was DYING when I saw that GIF....from Undercover Brother, one of my favorite comedies....

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Me thinks Takitaki had a good time over the weekend. Wait till the big boys get here


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