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Rank all 17 Brady/Belichick teams


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Note: The 2018 team was more like a bottom 5 team from the regular season but they had an incredible post season run, beating 3 12+ win teams and having the largest yards/game plus differential since the 89 49ers. 

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This is assuming the team is at full strength.I'll exclude 2008 because it' too hard to gague how good they would have been because Brady got injured so quickly.

2007 - This team went undefeated against a difficult schedule and routinely destroyed the opposition. Shame they came up one play short in the Super Bowl.

2015 - People forget how good this team was before the injuries began to pile up; they were ripping through the league 07 style.

2016 - They went 3-1 without Brady, then proceeded to only lose once when Brady returned...and it took a goal line stand.

2004 - Very similar to the 16 team: very balanced with Brady playing efficiently.

2014 - Like the 2001 team, this team just had a certain magic around them. I knew this team was special after Belichick repeatedly kept saying "We're on to Cincinnati" after the KC disaster and we went on to destroy Cincinnati. I'm a firm believer that press conference saved our season.

2003 - Belichick's best defensive team.

2001 - This isn't the most talented team. This is hardly the best one. However, I'm ranking this one so highly because there's a certain magic about this unit that will never be matched. Seeing our largely no name defense neutralize the Greatest Show on Turf when absolutely no one gave us a chance was just amazing. Oh, and this still sends chills down my spine:

2018 - Very meh like the previous season, but the way they played in the postseason raises them up.

2011 - Arguably the worst of the "defense dark ages" of 09-11 (they were a den of thieves when it came to turnovers though), but it made the Super Bowl at least.

2012 - In my opinion the most underrated squad. Really ripped through the league once it got past a slow 3-3 start and the defense showed signs of life after the 3 year dark ages. Unfortunately ran into the buzzsaw that was Baltimore in that postseason without Gronk.

2010 - This offense was on a per drive basis more efficient than the 07 squad. So why is it so low? They went one and done, at home, against the Jets. And the defense sucked.

2017 - Very meh team. Offense was it's usual self, but the defense regressed. The way we lost against Philly in the Super Bowl really knocks it down too.

2013 - Seeing Brady carrying a offense that was kicking and screaming was cringe at times. However, this team showed a lot of heart and came through in crunch time. I think the way they fought against that record setting Denver offense really carried over into the next season when they won the Super Bowl.

2006 - This is a strange unit. They were fairly mediocre in the regular season like the 05 team despite the 12-4 record. In the playoffs they destroyed the Jets, went on the road to upset a much better Chargers team...and then we played Indy in, for the first time, in Indy. We were up 21-6 at halftime looking like we were poised to go to the Super Bowl and the rest is history. It was so strange to see a team show so much heart and resilience in the against the Chargers and just crumble a week later against the Colts.

2005 - After winning 3 titles in 4 years, the team finally got hung over from all the success. While I think the 09 team is "technically" better, that team had no business having just as many wins as this one.

2009 -The only reason this isn't dead last because this unit at least the playoffs.While he had glimpses, Brady wasn't quite back to 100% and the rest of the team just didn't seem all there mentally. Lots of blown leads and started a three stretch of bad defense.

2002 - To date the only time Tom Brady missed the playoffs. At this time everyone thought they were flukes. Times have changed.

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