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Week #6 Gamethread Steelers 1- 4 @ Chargers 2- 3

Steeler Hitman

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I was thinking to opposite, we turn it around and play better, run a legit pro offence and run the ball. Then I remembered that fichner is sabotaging the team so hie and ben can have their team back next year. This year could be a write off thanks to ben's OC

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2 hours ago, wwhickok said:

Mason may start this weekend but honestly I hope they hold him out for a week as a precaution

if this was hockey he would be out for a month, but the nfl is the nfl isn't itxD  

agree they should put Mason on the sidelines for this week and let them bring up the PS QB while Hodges starts.  I thought Hodges did well for himself considering lack of first team reps and the OC.  We probably should have won that game and would have if we had any other OC in the league. Could have said that about avery game except the Pats game with our HOF QB and his OC. 

I am not a concussion reader, don't want to learn what the dangers are of repeat concussions and that could happen if Mason plays. It could embarrass the nfl and steelers even more than the cart that malfunctioned and making the QB walk off the field. Now THAT was a debacle, worse than when  12 man on the field sending the chin into a fit.

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5 hours ago, August4th said:


with this and his performance during preseason and TC. how was he just some camp-arm invite when this all started? he's played like someone who should of at-least been a 7th round pic/undrafted FA signing as soon as the draft ended.

The draft at one time was many more rounds, so in that era such a player could have been drafted.  He might be an 8th round pick or a 16th round pick way back (or could have been ignored), but if he can play he will eventually (somewhere, even if not the nfl at first) .  I thought he looked legit out there, well composed, good decisions and accurate. Considering the lack of first team reps (or any reps), it will be interesting to watch this week after getting the reps.  It would be nice if they got the running game going to help him out and make play action a possibility . The Chargers have lost many players to injury and  a steelers win is possible if the coaching is good enough. 

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