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Week 8 Texans vs Raiders

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Every time the Texans get us hyped, it all comes crashing down. Hopefully we bounce back and win the next two. 6-3 at the bye week is good. 

looking at this week against the Raiders and the obvious thing that stands out is Conley vs Raiders. We invested a 3rd round pick in Conley and if nothing else it should give us a heads up in knowing what they have going on. We are gonna need him to become a starter as well. 

injuries: mancz, Fuller and Howard are all out. Roby listed as questionable but I’m fairly certain he’s done until after the bye week. Everyone else should be good to go. 

raiders injuries: Jacobs, Williams and brown are all questionable but brown was a full participant Friday. 


raiders 13th on offense.  Texans tank 5th on offense 

Texans rank 17th on D and the raiders 23rd


texans should have a clear advantage in this game on both sides of the field but the Texans secondary is depleted with injuries 

texans have 2 starters out on offense but should still be fine there. 

If the Texans can stop the raiders pass game, the Texans will win easily. 

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6 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Anyone else still upset that Greedy Williams isn’t a Texan?

Really was everything we were looking for.  Speedy, long, man-press corner.  No idea why he lasted into the 2nd.  Could have easily thrown in 4th or 5th rounder to go up and get him (Warring pick was a throwaway).  He's a piss poor tackler, but like I said with Conley, CBs get paid to keep WRs from catching balls, not for run support. 

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