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What killed you this year?


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For me:

  • Passing on Cook with picks 5 and 15 and 9 and 10 in drafts.. smh
  • Wanting Lamar Jackson but waited for his ADP, and other people drafting him
  • Thinking DJ Chark was going to be really good this year, but picking up John Ross. Instead waiting on Chark, others picked him up before 
  • JuJu Smith :/ 
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I'm making the post season but I made it tougher on myself because of a few picks:

1. Picking Sony Michel over the likes of Mark Ingram, Kerryon Johnson(even tho he got hurt), Derrick Henry and Josh Jacobs.

2. Eventually trading Michel and A rod for Marlon Mack. At the time I thought I got a steal but in reality, I should of asked the owner for King Henry

3. Knowing that Lamar Jackson was this year's breakout QB but ignoring him and picking A rod in R7.

4. Telling myself week 1 is just week 1 so I left A rod in vs the Bears and believing in the browns hype, starting their def vs Ten. When I should of picked up Dak and SF def both would of won me week 1 and possibly a bye.

5. Paying too much attention to Dede's preseason usage so I cross out DJ chark's name on my late round flier list. 

6. Lastly, not trading for Melvin Gordon after Whiz was fired. I could of sent Mack and Mike Williams/Alshon for Gordon/Ekeler but instead I sent MAck and Cooper to get Bell and Davante Parker. I would drop Parker for Kareem Hunt. Cooper with Gordon would of won me week 10. So instead of finishing 7-6, I could of been 9-4 with the bye. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I am in the post season but a few too many miscues on my end this year.

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