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Week 14: Colts (6-6) @ Bucs (5-7)


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Another step in the turn around has presented itself.  At worst, this team will go .500 on the road, which is what good teams do.  Also, good teams win the majority of their home games.  They have not been dominant at home since Gruden.

Brissett is a good QB, so another test for the secondary.  Really want this team to handle success  amd take care of business on Sunday.  That would be another sign of growth for me.

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Yea I mean their strengths work in our favor as its the run game and the Bucs have done really well stopping the run.  I mentioned this before but when the Bucs did struggle it seemed to be against the bigger backs like Chris Carson, Derrick Henry, and Leonard Fournette (although the did stop him pretty well).  I think also the Bucs have been doing less box stacking which also hampered the Run D a bit as well.   But that ultimately helped our Pass D so it worked out.

It's going to be a good game I think and I feel if they keep the pressure on Jacoby like they have been doing the last couple weeks will get them a win.   I think a great matchup will be Vita Vea going against their interior.  It will be fun to see him vs. Quentin Nelson who was someone that could have potentially been our pick.

Their pass rush isn't that intimidating but they do have Justin Houston who I think will be lined up vs. Dotson most of the game and that could be a huge problem.   They run a lot of man coverage and don't blitz very often so that should play into Jameis's strength as he does better vs. man coverage.   He struggles particularly with Cover 3 with the way that teams can disguise it.   One problem might be Darius Leonard because Jameis likes to overlook the underneath coverage O.o  and they do bring him in on blitzes a decent amount he has 5 sacks this year.

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