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Patriots trade up with Ravens: Select Josh Uche 60th pick


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3 hours ago, Starless said:

Josh Uche.

J. Uche

Guys, it's finally happening


With the Great Leader succumbing to the 'rona, the battle for the thro... chairman position will commence. This is the Hoodie secretly announcing his claim by acknowleding his fealty to the great Ideology in the heartland of the Enemy. 

Anyway, wasn't Uche touted as an early first round pick just a few months ago? 

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Here are FF members' pre draft analysis of him (before they knew where he was going)


- jrryIt was easy to see from the film that he's a special athlete. We'll have a shot at a damn good player.

nice to see that you're seeing what I am with Uche. His tools are just off the charts. I didn't expect a guy his size to have a power game like that. He just has to learn to capitalize on it better. Kid will bullrush the OT all the way into the QB's face. He just needs to learn that go-to move to shed the OT after he puts him on skates. I'm shocked he's seen as a 3rd round pick right now. 

Put me squarely on the Uche bandwagon. I think that dude has the potential to be another Yannick Ngakoue. Yes, he needs seasoning, but his tools are off-the-charts good. We're talking about a guy who looks like a natural LB in coverage, has the speed and bend to threaten the corner, and was putting guys like Tristan Wirfs and Alaric Jackson on their heels with his speed-to-power bullrushes. If that dude gains some counter/secondary moves and better pass rush plans, he'll be a monster in the NFL.

-NVRams - Would be nice if Uche lasted to 52 but I can't see it, especially given how he'll shine at the combine

- Rodjhas - UCHE is a top 40 player, imo

MSUracer - As far as Uche, I've only seen flashes of him, but watched him a bit more, he has twice the functional strength Chaisson, he plays more like he's 6'5 265 as opposed to being 6'2 250, he has pretty decent pass rushing moves and is constantly working his hands. He also is really disciplined in the run game, takes really good angles and whats more appealing about him is him in the passing game, he plays very well in space, he pretty damn decent in coverage to be a primary rush guy. Uche in a 4-3 has a Yannick Ngakoue/Frank Clark feel to him, he's really growing on me

(had a bit about jennings in the same post) - Jennings is a safe, clean 3-4 OLB prospect that doesn't get nearly enough credit for his pass rushing ability that he should



Hope they're right. 


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