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Steelers Vs Buccaneers would have the best Super Bowl Storyline


Who would you root for?  

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On 10/31/2020 at 2:21 PM, BayRaider said:

Pats vs Bucs would be a clear movie worthy storyline, but Bill isn’t keeping his end of the bargain. 

Pats were never going to keep up that end of the bargain. We were bad last year with Brady covering up a lot and we weren’t all that great in our 2018 SB run. It just so happened the only contenders in our way were super young and exploitable and our team clicked at the right time. 

Basically they had no cap going into this year and it was always going to be a rebuild. 

If we were going to be contenders this year.... Brady would be here. A 43 old doesn’t want to sit through another rebuild in the hopes that in his last or second to last year he finally has a shot again 

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17 hours ago, Darbsk said:

I can see that matchup being what the NFL would want but for me the ideal matchup would be Buccaneers v Raiders. Gruden returns to the big game against the dastardly Buccaneers who he won it with against the Raiders. Brady takes the lead and holds it for 3 1/2 quarters before Antonio Brown gets knocked out cold by Abram and fumbles. With less than 2 minutes left Carr gets strip sacked but its called back on a rediculous technicality and he leads the Raiders on a last minute drive to steal the game 😀

Karma restores the universe to equilibrium.

That would be a good one too!

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