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Ravens sign LT Ronnie Stanley to 5 year, 98.75M extension


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2 minutes ago, LinderFournette said:

those 2 DL should cover almost all Lamars extension in the future but the question is will Lamar force the ravens to extend him this offseason when hes first eligible or not. 

Even if Lamar signs this offseason, he will not have a cap hit over $20M until 2023.

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8 hours ago, LinderFournette said:

he shouldnt take that deal. he should take a deal that makes him a top 3 paid QB in the league.  

Nah, that's just how contracts work. Huge signing bonus funds the early years, but the cap charge for the signing bonus is spread out over 5 years.

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6 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

This is why you sign early I'd you can. If he bet on himself he doesnt get that deal in free agency

Unless there are longer term complications than you would expect with a broken ankle, he still beats this deal on open market.

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