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Which Hypothetical QB situation...

Hypothetical QB situation  

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  1. 1. That you like (vote for all you would go for)

    • Resign Cam, roll with Cam and Stidham again; best man wins
    • Use first round pick on best QB available (at 8-15th range probably), have a competition between him and Cam/Stidham
    • Use first pick to trade up with either DAL/NYG, who have their QBs, in order to draft Lance or Fields (or possible Wilson or Jones if those two already gone)
    • Find a way to trade with NYJ for Darnold, as they will draft Lawrence
    • Draft a QB with 2nd or 3rd pick, add him to the QB competition with Cam/Stidham
    • Trade with SF to get Jimmy back here
    • Trade with Dallas for Dak
    • Get a different veteran QB (possibly Fitz) to replace Cam whilst we find QBotF the following draft

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11 hours ago, Starless said:

If there are no big-body DTs worthy of a pick where the Pats are slotted, then by all means they should trade down. Take Tufele, and then take a QB with the next pick. 

This team needs its next Vince Wilfork/Alan Branch in the worst way. 

What about the Alabama one. Barmore? He gets top 20 grades

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3 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

What about the Alabama one. Barmore? He gets top 20 grades

IMO he's just a guy on the line at the next level  and If that's the case you don't waste 1st RD pick. There are always big body guy later in the draft. They are always overlooked when it comes draft players or position.  Ex Cowboys---   Lamb falls and next thing you hear is Gerry Jones   He  was just to good to pass up!  Idiot. Now he sits and watches his crap defense get run over however he sure has shiny ornaments.

PS  He's a good player but not a Seymour type, if you get what I mean.

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