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Week 9 - GDT - Saints (5-2) @ Buccs (6-2)

Mid Iowa

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I'm guessing when the NFL scheduled this matchup, they weren't expecting this to be quite the meaningful matchup that it's proving to be.

The Buccs, with Tom Brady at the helm, have been named the team to beat this season, and are drawing many pundit's attention as Super Bowl favorites for the NFC.
On the other side of the coin, Drew Brees and company have likely been circled on the Buccs calendar since they beat the untried Brady crew in week 1. We all know this game will look different.

As the Saints currently hold the tie-breaker over the Buccs, this game becomes even more important when looking at post season play in regards to seeding and home field advantage, and a win could put the Saints up 2 games over the Buccs. That's huge!!

That said, our Saints secondary has to figure out how to stop any pass more than 10 yards downfield, and we know with Brady's vision, smarts, and now continuity with his new team, he'll pick apart any defense that gives him a hot second to throw the ball. That's where our front 7 comes in.

Look for the Saints to throw heat at Brady early and often to upset the passing game's rhythm and get into his head.

As far as scoring points, we've got a strong stable of running backs, so we don't need to chat about that much. What we do have to chat about is the passing game. The Buccs defense is really good, and our receiving corps has been patchwork all season long, right along with our offensive line. Keeping Brees clean long enough for him to find an open guy is going to be the difference maker this game.

Here's hoping to a 2nd win over the Buccs tonight.

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We need to really prolong drives. Churn out yards and eat away at the clock. With MT and Sanders back, I expect a lot of feeding Kamara and our TEs on 1st and 2nd downs, and then a lot of short passes to our WRs on 3rd downs. Time of possession has to be the name of the game. Our secondary couldn't cover my nan right now, so we need to keep the ball out of Brady's hands and keep him on the bench.

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4 minutes ago, Jlowe22 said:

Brady is just chunking **** up trying to get pi calls.  WE all know it's eventually gonna work too.

Well for now, he's got a long way to go! And I'll take it! Usually we're getting the **** end of the stick right about now.


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