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Atlanta Braves Mega Thread


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On 7/21/2017 at 10:55 AM, coors said:

Looks like a Jaime Garcia to the Twins deal is in the works. Doesn't appear like we would get much for him.


Looks like it went through, we have up both Garcia and Recker for a young pitching prospect. 

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4 hours ago, coors said:

Looks like Oakland wants Acuna for Gray. According to Mark Bradley (which doesn't necessarily mean anything), we don't want to give up Acuna for him.


Mark Bowman also said there was no chance Acuna was going to be part of this deal or any other deal. I'm all for that.

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27 minutes ago, devils1854 said:

Johan Camargo since the All Star break

.241/.267/.397, 21.7 K%(60 plate appearances)

Sean Rodriguez since coming off the DL

.138/.324/.345, 39.5 K%(38 plate appearances)


Yet Dansby was the problem.



Gosh darn you and your facts. You were already told dansby should have been sent down in May. Why? Because reasons.

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