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Open world Star Wars game in development (Ubisoft)

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I need to be able to choose between Jedi and Sith.
-No, that's not enough.  There has to be a third option.  The middle ground. 

I need to be able to have a crew. 

I need my decisions to impact the lives of that crew. 

I need this to be Mass Effect, but with lightsabers. 

I understand they will have to cut out everything that makes Mass Effect M for Mature and I don't care about any of that.

I just need to feel like interactions with my crew and my decisions will impact the game. 

I need to know that if I don't talk to the annoying droid that droid will die. 

I need this to be a trilogy so that my decisions carry over into the next games.

But most importantly, I need a game where each planet has a map the size of Witcher 3 and there are at least 12 planets. 

I don't care if that's not remotely realistic.  I need it. 

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