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Cowboys sign S Damontae Kazee


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Hated yall for taking Neal he's awesome and a beast when healthy.   But now i absolutely love yall for taking Kazee.   I couldn't stand Kazee as a Falcon and begged anyone to pick him up so i didn't have a chance to see us bring him back.  He imo was the worst player in our secondary and possibly on our defense.  We was already a meh at best defense but when he took over after rico's injuries we became a laughing stock over and over again on Billicks breakdowns when Kazee would be like 20 yards away from his spot and person he was covering.  Literally at times not even having him on the camera because he forgot what he was supposed to do. 

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2 hours ago, Forge said:

Building your defense through the falcons.... That's....bold... Or something....I guess? 

Hold on now we actually have some solid players on defense lol.   Debo, Grady, Neal, Terrell, Foye, and Denard are all very quality players.   They picked up a really good one from us in Neal so it's not all bad for them just the god awful kazee is a bit of a blow for em.

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