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11 hours ago, RSkinGM said:

In the Wash Post. on Rivera. Man , if that don't fire you up- you're dead ! If you have access I highly recommend this read. I have to say, I had tears in my eyes reading what Jeremy Reaves had to say about the Coach . 

He’s a great person and a great leader of men. I’ve always believed he was the right hire for this team, I hope that proves to be true because this fanbase deserves something to go right for it for once.

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Dunno if it was "hate" from me, but definitely questioning his decision to throw the "go slow and evaluate" plan out the window when the rest of the NFC East was disastrous. Yes, it won Washington the division ... which amounted to a first round divisional loss and #19 pick, both predicted.

That combo'ed with the addition of his poodles in the front office as well as his automatic additions of anything Carolina make me think he's going to have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. The pairing of yes men with sentimentality is a bad bad thing.

If he were just the head coach, I would probably have a lot less concerns. However, he's also the GM, which means that a screw up there means Danny Boy gets more involved.

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