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Help me choose a RB..


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I have the 6th pick in a 12 team PPR league..

I’m expecting CMC, Cook, Kamara, and Henry to all be taken in the top 4. Ideally I’d like Zeke to fall to me, but it doesn’t always work that way so in this situation which RB would YOU take and why?

1. CMC

2. Dalvin Cook

3. Alvin Kamara

4. Derrick Henry

5. Ezekiel Elliott

6. ???

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I’ll say this much...every year people find reasons to underrate Aaron Jones. It makes no sense. He’s better than Zeke. I have yet to see anything that tells me that JT is better. Barkley is a stud but Jones has been more durable. He’s been more durable and he’s better than Ekeler. Chubb is a stud...but PPR does weigh him down. 

My list for PPR:








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Coming back to read the replies for the first time, and I've come to the conclusion that Aaron Jones will be the pick for me if the board falls that way. You guys have only solidified that. The 2nd round pick at 19 is where I'm really struggling!

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Here you go Orleanz, done a mock draft last night with the 6th pick, here's how it went down

CMC, Cook, Kamara, Henry, Saquon

1.06. I took Elliot

2.07. Keenan Allen

3.06. CEH on board, but I went Lamb

4.07. Chris Carson

5.06. Hockenson

6.07 Russel Wilson

Then filled out with Darrell Henderson, Curtis Samuel, Melvin Gordon, Tony Pollard, TY Hilton, Robert Tonyan, Kirk Cousins, Colts D and a kicker


If this has taught me anything, it's that I actually prefer to be in that top 4, or come down and be back end like 10-12. 

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