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(Poll) 2021-2022 Season Predictions

Empire Lies

Season Predictions  

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  1. 1. What's the Browns Record at Season's End?

  2. 2. How Far Do the Browns Go in the Playoffs?

    • Hate to say it, but they're not making the playoffs
    • AFC Wildcard Round
    • AFC Divisional Round
    • AFC Championship Game
    • Super Bowl LVI
    • Super Bowl LVI Champs
  3. 3. Who Wins the Super Bowl LVI?

    • 49ers
    • Seahawks
    • Packers
    • Kansas City
    • Buffalo
    • Ravens
    • Tampa Bay
    • Browns
    • Titans
    • Rams
    • New Orleans
    • Dallas
    • Another Team

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What are some of your predictions for this season for the Browns, certain players, coaches, other teams, or around the league?

Bold predictions welcome.


Here's a few random one's to start:

1.) Kevin Stefanski wins Coach of the Year again.

2.)Andrew Berry wins his first Exec of the Year.

3.) Myles Garrett has at least 17 sacks

4.) Greg Newsome finishes with double the Interceptions of Denzel Ward

5.) Malik McDowell starts by week 3

6.) David Njoku finishes the season with 7 or more TD receptions

7.) Mac Jones wins Rookie of the Year

8.) 2nd most sacks on the Browns will be Takk Mckinley

9.) DPJ is 2nd on the team in receiving yards and receptions by year's end

10.) Browns make it to the AFC Championship Game


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IMO if we dont make the playoffs its because of either a covid outbreak or key injuries. 

I think we go deep in the playoffs unless we either face Kansas city early, like if we win the North and they play us at home.

My predictions 

1. OBJ blows up for either 1400 yards or has a mental breakdown and we move on from him in the season. 

2. Chubb has a very strong year 

3. Malik McDowell completes our Dline and people talk about the group like sacksonville. 

4. clowney has a career resurgence, 8 sacks and 60 tackles.

5. People sing the praises of Joe Woods and we get a 3rd round pick when a team picks him up as a head coach. 

6. DPJ really turns up. 

7. Baker pushes for either all pro or pro bowl 

8. Anthony Wlaker decreases and JOK increases. 

9. JJ3 is good not great. 

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