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Any lb or db we can trade for right now

Vladimir L

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2 minutes ago, Slappy Mc said:

There better be a report out that we attempted to sign him and he chose elsewhere. There is no way that he wouldn't have helped our LB depth. 

I’m kind of indifferent to it. I wanted Smith but at the same time I want to see Jamin take over as our starting MLB and I want to see Hudson as our WLB. I really think these two can grow and prove themselves over the next 3 months of the season.

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On 10/7/2021 at 11:42 AM, lavar703 said:

Maybe we can trade for JOK? The guy a bunch of us wanted and we passed on twice who appears to be the best rookie defender in football. 

He’s been best rookie defender in football? He barely plays from what I saw on his snap counts. Like 30% - 50% of the snaps. 

I looked at his so called highlights in some articles/tweets & he wasn’t blocked on either play, I assume he’s good in coverage but I haven’t seen a clip of him making a play in coverage but he did have two passes defensed vs the Bears two weeks ago.

To me, for all the reasons you are skeptical of Jamin you shouldn’t be sold on JOK just yet, neither guy has played enough games to prove they’re going to be good starters or not, or in JOK’s case at his size, he may not be a player who plays 100% of the snaps, they may just use him in sub packages/the nickel D as a dime linebacker the way we were using Susa Cravens. In that regard, I think we have a similar player in Khaleke Hudson.

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